Best UHD Internal drive? (other questions too...)

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    First, thank you for any help... I'm trying to play catch up here, but viewing other threads didn't really answer what I needed....

    What is considered the best UHD drive to rip my UHD discs? Cost is NOT an issue so don't factor that into the "value"... (I prefer 5.25" internal, unless there's an external with far better performance). Prefer a 16x drive that burns all formats (BDXL, etc). Looking at the DeUHD list are these the latest drives available in 2019?? as the list seems a little old.

    I viewed the list here...

    ...but that ended up confusing me more than anything as everyone says get "friendly" drives, but on that very page they are recommending a few "official" drives...

    ((("Somewhere in 2016, new LG official UHD drives, implementing AACS2 protection, started with BU40N and BU50N. Buffalo released in Japan a re-badged BU40N, which is very stable and recommended. Finally, LG released their first internal official UHD drive in US, the WH16NS60, also recommended.")))

    Why does everyone here say use "friendly", but they recommend "official"??

    Does this depend on the software used??.. (ie, if I use AnyDVD HD, I need "friendly", but if I use DeUHD I can use "official"????), but then someone here mentioned buying a WH16NS60 and replies here implied that was okay.

    Is there a difference between AnyDVD HD and DeUHD? Or are they essentially the same (I ask because it appears DeUHD lifetime is currently 50% off (does this go on sale often?)... or do I require both to correctly rip my discs?

    Thank you again!
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    Of course there's a difference, if there wasn't they wouldn't be available for sale on 2 completely different sites. The approach used is also different, some say that Russian stuff uses specific vendor unique commands tondo it's thing. Something AnyDVD doesn't and has no access to.

    The only similar thing is the GUI, which they copied of AnyDVD. That's about it. AnyDVD only works with friendly models, or drives that have been flashed with modified firmware to make them friendly.

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    thank you for the reply. So if I want to use AnyDVD HD I need to buy a "Friendly" one as listed on the DeUHD site... but if I use DeUHD, I can use any drive "Friendly" or "official"... correct?
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    Hi teknomedic.

    Yeah, that listing of friendlies by deUHD is a bit confusing.

    They list officials because they offer UHD support for certain official drives.

    As Ch3vron said, AnyDVD only works with friendly drives.

    However it is now a very easy task to flash an official drive with friendly firmware and make it AnyDVD-compliant.

    I just bought, and can recommend, the LG WH16NS60.

    It's all the things you mention, internal, 5.25, 16X, BD-R XL. And it performs quite well.

    It's also an official drive, but I flashed it with friendly WH16NS40 1.02 firmware. Now, it works great with AnyDVD and UHDs.

    If you think it might fit the bill for you, it's best to jump on it fast though, because they are becoming scarcer and the price is increasing!

    I don't know a lot about deUHD but as a longtime AnyDVD user, that would be my recommendation.

    It offers full support for DVD and Blu-Ray decryption and currently beta-support for UHDs.

    Although just in beta right now, AnyDVD supports just about every UHD out there.

    AnyDVD also works well in conjunction with products like CloneDVD, cloneDVDMobile, CloneBD which allow converting DVD's, Blu-Rays, and UHDs into folder, .iso, and various file formats.

    I guess what I'm saying is AnyDVD is a better all-around product -- and it's offered at a reasonable price.

    Hope this helps you.

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  5. SamuriHL

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    Yup I would recommend either the NS60 or the ASUS BW-16D1HT. At this point, either one of those drives are going to need to be downgraded, which is fairly trivial to do. The NS60 is the drive I'd go with as it gives the most options and is future proof in case AACS 2.x is ever cracked like AACS 1.x is for blu-ray. IMO the best of all worlds. The ASUS is the drive I've been using for over a year now and have had zero issues with it.
  6. switch6956

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    This publication, What is "UHD friendly drive" ? may be of interest to you. It was for me. It's a publication dated February 2019, so very up-to-date:

    Hope this is helpful to you.
  7. testiles

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    This "publication" seems to be no more than an ad to get you to buy one of their "plug and play" friendly drives, as they call them.

    I think they got a couple of things wrong...

    UHD friendliness in a drive is not a "defect".

    Most friendly drives were made to read anything on a Blu-Ray disc, including the BD-R XL (and TL) format, before UHD movies were even made widely available on those discs.

    When any BD-R disc is inserted, they simply read what's on it. If it's a movie, they employ AACS 1.0 protocol which was what was used when they were first designed.

    They don't have a defect, they just don't enforce all the restrictions that were added to UHD movies when they were put on the BD-R XL format discs.

    Closer to a "loophole" than a defect.

    Secondly they say downgrading a drive to friendliness should be avoided because it's dangerous, difficult, requires technical expertise and even then can hose your drive.

    I would agree with that except the newer (free) method of downgrading drives uses the manufacturer's own tool for firmware changes. As such, the risk of bricking the drive is greatly reduced.

    And it's no longer difficult or requires tech expertise beyond knowing what firmware you need to flash to and pressing a few buttons.

    The best thing to get from this "article" is the list of friendly drives at the bottom.

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    I agree with others. The WH16NS60 is the drive to get as it is an official UHD drive. (Although, it does not work with AnyDVD. It does work with DeUHD and MakeMKV on firmware 1.00) Good luck tryingto find one though! They appear to be very, very scarce worldwide!!
  9. testiles

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    Amazingly, Amazon (US) has some right now and at about $120!

    That won't last long ;)

    Again, NS60 is official but can easily be made AnyDVD-friendly by safe-flashing to NS40.

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  10. MartyMcNuts

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    Of course they are now available. I didn't see any the other day when I looked. Also, that equates to AUD$180.00!! I would probably have bought one but I already ordered a BU40N a couple of days ago!!
  11. SamuriHL

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    It really is the best drive....the NS60. I've flashed it to ASUS 3.02 (unsafely, as we know), testiles has flashed it to an NS40 to make it friendly using a safer flash method. Just an all around great drive.
  12. MartyMcNuts

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    Yeah, I just bit the bullet and ordered a WH16NS60 from amazon (US). Cost me AUD$209.00 including taxes and shipping to Australia. Now I just have to wait the 2-3 weeks for it to arrive.......:cry:
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  13. SamuriHL

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    Yikes! Would it break your heart to know I paid about 100 bucks USD for mine in December? Lol

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    Yep, the joys of living in a country no where near anywhere else!!

    So, I basically paid US$20 more for the drive (+ shipping & taxes)! Bloody exchange rates and the crappy Aussie dollar!!! I guess demand really does drive the price up a bit!
  15. testiles

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    Marty I checked yesterday and they were NOT available at this price.

    So, yeah, this offer just came up today.


    I have not heard a lot of good things about this drive, other than it's a slim drive that can be made friendly for those who only have room for an internal slim.

    I actually considered buying it, and may still as an auxiliary drive. The main thing that made me relegate it to second string status is that it's only 8X afaik, and the NS60 was 16X.

    I rip and burn a lot so I need the fastest speed I can get.


    Worth the expense and the wait imho.


    SamuriHL, that's just plain mean. :D

  16. SamuriHL

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    I'm giving him a hard time given that he sells drives and should have known to buy one months ago. LMAO!!!! Kick em while they're down no mercy lol!

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    You guys are funny.

    Doesn't seem like the OP has been back to the Forum since post #3.

    Hope he returns soon to get this wealth of drive knowledge supplied by all. :=)

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  20. SamuriHL

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    That's the exact link I got mine from.

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