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    QUESTION or OPINION Either is welcome
    What is the best setup involving master & slave and drive selection.
    or does it make a difference.
    Right now I am using my DVD ROM as Master & My DVD Burner as Slave.
    I am also selecting my DVD ROM as drive "F" & my DVD Burner as drive "G"
    C-D-E are my hard drives.
  2. MarkRacer

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    My suggestion would be to configure your DVD burner as a master drive and toss out the DVD ROM drive altogether. I simply don't have use for more than one drive in my system. The majority of burners will do everything under the sun in terms of reading/writing.

    When ripping DVD's I like to make an ISO directly to my hardrive for later usage. Or sometimes send an image to a temporary file and delete it after a burn. Either way works great. To use a DVD ROM drive to read directly to a burner is more often problematic than not. Some say DVD ROM drives read faster. Maybe, but not enough to warrant one more potential headache.

    NOTE - Each IDE drive your system has should use its own channel and be configured as master. If using SATA, simply make sure each drive has its own channel and no master/slave configuring is needed. Simply put, no slave drives allowed in my systems:disagree:

    Just my two cents:D
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    Sorry, I didn't read this before I posted the first time.
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    I agree with the burner being master, but I like to use a dvd rom for reading the original. That way, I can start the process, and not come back until it's finished. I don't have to come back, take the original out of the burner, put a blank disc in, and get it going again. It's a lot less work, using both a dvd rom and a burner. Especially when doing 2-3 movies. It still leaves the dvd files in a folder on my HD, doing it this way. My computer is a stand alond home theater too. With the files on the HD, I can watch them in surround, on my computer, if my wife wants to watch something else, on the tv.

    I've read too, that some Dell computers, prefer you use cable select setting on burner and rom drives. I think it's just certain Dells though, not all of them.

    My burner is set to master, and my rom drive is set to slave. They're both IDE drives. I've not had trouble with either one......... I didn't originally build the computer, but both drives have been replaced by me, and I put the new ones in, the same way the old ones were set. That's how I know the way they are set.
  5. hiro1030

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    My setup is….

    Primary IDE channel (1): HDD
    Primary IDE channel (2): BenQ DW1655
    Secondary IDE channel (1): Lite-On SH-16A7S
    Secondary IDE channel (2): Pioneer 111D (master), LG H42N (slave)

    Everything is working flawlessly. :)
  6. oldjoe

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    Drive configuration should not have any positive or negative effects on the outcome of the finished product. If you are using 80 wire cables, Cable Select works just as well.
    The general rule of thumb used to be ......Primary burner at the Primary(Master) connection and Secondary burner(DVD-ROM or DVDRW) connected to the Secondary(Slave) position of the IDE cable. Designation of drive letters will not have any positive or negative effect.
  7. RedFox 1

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    That is correct oldjoe but some believe it is not good to have a ODD on the same channell as a HD. That said, I know plenty that do this and have no problems as forum member Hiro1030.
  8. hiro1030

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    Hi SlyFox 1,

    Actually, my HDD is a SATA 2 drive. So, the BenQ 1655 is the only drive on the primary IDE channel. I guess device manager shows the SATA HDD in the primary IDE channel because of my MB (older driver maybe?). So, I can add another burner in the primary IDE channel.
    And the Lite-On SH-16A7S is a SATA burner.

    1). Primary channel (1) HDD SATA 2


    2). Primary channel (2) BenQ 1655


    3). Secondary channel (1) Lite-On SH-16A7S SATA


    4). Secondary channel (2) LG H42N & Pio 111D

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  9. TPLAT

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    Like Hiro I also have multiple Primary and Secondary IDE channels.
    3 Primary and 3 Secondary.
  10. oldjoe

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    Thank you for pointing that out. I should have clarified that.
    I did not mean to connect any optical drive onto the same IDE cable w/ a HDD.
    The HDD(s) should ALWAYS be on Channel 1 of your MOBO and optical devices should be on IDE Channel 2.
  11. eric.groves

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    I am using the same configuration in all three of my computers. I use 80GB Maxtors (C:\ drives) with 8MB of Cache as Masters on my Primary IDE channels, and use Lite-On 16X DVD-ROM's as Slaves on the same IDE channels. The Motherboard in my primary computer (listed below) only has one IDE slot on the motherboard but does have 4 SATA 300MB slots on it. My other two computer are running ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe motherboards that have 4 SATA 150MB slots and Three (3) IDE slots that you can connect 6 IDE devices to. Even with that being the case, I have still found that my Lite-On 16X DVD-ROM's work just fine as IDE 1 Slaves.

    All three of my DVD Burners are Plextor PX-755SA's (SATA - Serial ATA) connected to SATA 1 on my motherboards. I have found that this setup works best for me. Give it a try it might also work for you.

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  12. Clams

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    See this diagram....

    Note that at no time does iether IDE channed see bi-directional traffic.
    Also note that using TWO hard drives avoids a single drive getting abused with the rapid read/writes associated with transcoding (reduxing) a DVD down to a DVD5 size. I killed a drive that way, and learned.
    Note that even doing a straight disk to disk copy is using both channels.
    Plus if you're in a hurry - you can rip 2 DVD's at the same time cross channel - very little slowdown.
    Only limimitation here is the CPU/bus/and drive speeds - no artificial limits caused by flow control.
    Same principal would apply to 2 hard drives on 2 SATA channels and one optical drive as the master on each IDE channel/


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    I use an internal ide dvd burner (pioneer) as my reader and an external usb2 LG drive as the writer so like the other poster pointed out I dont have to wait for the final product its ready when I hear the banjo. Would using an external drive solve the channel issue or primary and slave ... etc ? Or is there any negatives using an external drive at all for that matter ?
  14. TM2-Megatron

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    Personally, I set my DVD burner (a Lite-On SHM-165H6S) as the secondary master, and a DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo (Lite-On SOHC-5235K) as the secondary slave. I don't think it makes any difference in the end product, though... for me putting the main burner first is just personal preference.

    Any particular reason? This isn't 1995, after all... we're allowed to have more than 1 optical drive nowadays. What if you want to copy a CD or DVD "on-the-fly"... don't you ever get bored of having to read it all to the hard drive first, then stick in the blank?