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    Whats the best method for labeling your movies? RIght now im just using Avery white paper dvd labels in a picture printer, and covers from, but is there any other better labels? like photpaper kinda? theres pritable discs right? but does that need a special printer?? I no some ppl are gonna say that labels arent good for your discs, but i have over 300 movies all with labels and havent had a problem. Let me no what works best for u if you use them.
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    I can't tell you how many people I have helped, that had playback issues and the culprit was those sticker labels.

    Sticker labels need to applied near perfect,smooth,and an application tool is recommended to use. They can still cause the disc to be unbalanced,build up heat,flake apart.This will cause the playback issues and can even ruin drives.

    You've done 300+ and ok,just keep an eye on them during playback:Freezing,skipping,jumping,and pixellation.

    For the people of USA:

    I use the Epson sylus photo printer- R200. There's newer models out there:
    R-260-different ink carts-suppose to be better pic quality

    Then the fancier ones with viewscreens/card readers:
    R-340 and above.

    Most stores carry them: Office Max,Staples-a great source for a clearance model/Bestbuy/Office Depot. Sam's club is where I got mine for $80 a couple yrs ago.

    A lot safer using Inkjet printable media-either the white or the shiny.The shiny do give a great pic. The newer white glossy's should look very good. Discs are more expensive-40 cents to a buck each,depending on format,but you can make that up with the Generic Inc cartridges that are available.

    These epsons hold 6 carts.If purchasing ink at any of those stores I listed,it'll run around $80 a set. Getting generic ink at and,you can get ink as low as $1 to $1.50 per cart. That there more than pays for the printer after a couple sets.

    There's also continuous ink systems you can install on them.

    8 sets=48 carts- for $75 with shipping is the current sale for my ink carts at

    People of Europe: Canon makes some models that print on discs.

    Printable discs:
    You gotta watch them closely when visiting web sites. Here's all the printable media:

    shiny thermals-which won't work with disc printers,only thermal printers
    Full hub white matte
    Reg hub white matte
    Reg hub Silver Shiny inkjet printable
    Full hub Silver shiny inkjet printable-very pricey
    White glossy/water resistant-very pricey
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    If you play the discs with the labels, and haven't had any trouble, you are one of the fortunates. Stick on labels can cause a disc to become unbalanced. A disc with a stick on label, spinning at full speed in your optical device, can be like a rocket if it becomes unstable. I have seen several optical drives get trashed from that situation.
  4. MMM

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    I've had good results with CD Stomper brand matte white CD labels.

    I had some that I bought in 1999 that I just used last year, and they still stick! and I haven't had any problems with them coming off or anything like that. Even the CDs that I made 7-8 years ago have no problems with the labels I put on them.

    As for printing them, getting a printer that prints directly on the disc will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration. If you use paper labels, you are gonna be putting the labels on before you print them, if you didn't know that already:D, which allows you to make perfectly printed labels. I got mine for free after purchasing a digital camera. What a deal that was! Anyway, you should also try the generic ink as well; I got mine off ebay and they worked/fit fine. They are much cheaper, but the color quality isn't great. It is satisfactory, though.

    FYI, I have an Epson R220 and was able to print over 150 DVD labels without changing any cartridges.

    Even though I haven't had the problems others are having with pixellation and freezing from the labels or disc deterioration from the paper labels' glue, I am making a gradual switch to printable DVDs. They are a bit more expensive, but it's worth it because you don't have to stick the labels on anymore, which is time consuming.

    :agree: 8) ;)
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    I have a R300 and I was wondering if there was a faster way of printing on the printable disks it takes like 5 mins (and the printing quality doesn't change from 'best') for 1 label. Is there a faster way? I am using Surething CD + DVD Labeler and haven't installed the official software that came with the printer.

  6. MMM

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    That's a long time! You should install the Epson software made for printing labels which came with the printer. It allows you to change the printers output from a range from -3(being light) to as high as +3(being best quality). It takes my printer about 2-3 minutes to print a full label and yours should be even faster.
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  7. saugmon

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    3 mins max is what it takes epson print cd software on my R-200.

    I have to baby the tray in and out because of all the printing I've done. I'm keeping my eye at staple's because they usually clear out those epsons from time to time. I picked my dad up and R-200 for $50 on one lucky trip..

    There's some better inkjet printable media out there. I prefer full hubs,but lightscribe and shiny's were reg hub. Also the matte's had a faded/dull look. Now the white glossy and full hub shiny are available and should yield even higher quality covers.:D
  8. stej4u

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    Thanks I'll try that today.
  9. stej4u

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    i can already control the brightness but is there a option for 'normal' instead of 'best' quality of printing. Just like in regular paper there is a 'normal', 'best' and 'draft (also called 'fast')'.
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    Thanks guys, so looks like the best way to go is with printable media? Kinda scary to hear about what could potentially happen with discs that have labels. I think im pretty safe tho, never had a problem with over 300, even real old ones, but i do use a label press so that it lines it up perfectly, then i make sure to make them super smooth. Thanks guys
  11. MMM

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    I know what you're saying, but I'm not sure that option is available. I'm printing some DVDs in a bit and I'll let you know if i find that option.
  12. ace2001

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    I was thinking about buying epson printer but do you have to buy certain dvds to print on or just use any
  13. MMM

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    never found the option, so I don't think there is one.

    Printable DVDs are the best, but not necessary as you can stick paper labels onto any DVD.
  14. ace2001

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    ya but was going to get epson r260 i think it is but i have maxell discs dont want to use paper just want to print right on to disc was wondering if you could do that
  15. MMM

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    They have to be printable DVD's.
  16. ace2001

    ace2001 Well-Known Member

    thanks mmm guess wont be getting one
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    Label or no label now that is the question!

    Been using paper labels over 3 years now and I understand the issues being listed for not using them. I would say if watching a movie over and over again, as with some movies for the grandkids, there may be an issue with the label heating and coming off or something of that ilk. I don't label the grandkid movies except with a sharpie as I am constantly re-burning from the original. Sticky fingers and using DVDs like a Frisbee will have a negative effect on the discs!

    If watching a movie only occasionally then may be safe and after 3 years have yet to have a label peal off or cause a problem with playback. That being said with the relatively low cost of printers that print directly to a printable DVD and cheaper cartridges for the printers over the long run equal cost and less hassle than with paper sticky labels.

    Best of luck!
  18. Oishi

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    Printable Media

    The only way to go, is with printable DVD media using the Epson 200 or 300 series. To experiment, if you have the the ink, is to use the stick-on labels and then rip them off using 91% alcohol while learning to use the Epson Print CD program. Stick-on labels are bad, white face printable media is good. Have a cigar!
  19. saugmon

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    Staple's has the Epson R-260 on sale starting tomorrow for around $75-$77 after their easy rebate.:clap:
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    I purchased myself a HP-Lightscribe dxd burner(internal) from for $43.00 when I built my last pc and I also buy the HP-Lightscribe dvd's. You can scan a comercial dvd or cd into your pc with the included lightscribe pgm that comes with the drv and then let the drv burn it on the otherside of the disk. No paper or no mess and it does a professional job!. Only prob, it will only print in greyscall not in color! the tecno is not available just right yet but coming soon. You can buy different colored cd's-dvd's tho that will help out some.... Hope this helps and by the way the http below is a cd-dvd lable site that you can copy lables and save them on your pc then burn them on your disks with the paper type or lightscribe... cheers:> :bowdown: