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Best Hardware for Anydvd and clone DVD

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by kurt, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. kurt

    kurt Member

    I am an IT Professional by trade, so I have quite a few PCs to play with. I have noticed that the time it takes to clone the same DVD differs wildly (2-3 fold) between rigs. But here is the catch: the faster PCs are not the fastest at making DVD backups. A 915 chipset with a 3.4GHZ HT P4 beats a new 965 chipset running an E6600 CPU. Both have high end ram, and plextor drives. An AMD x2 rig falls somewhere between these two. So the oldest technology makes clones in about 18MIN while the new conroe technology takes about 35MIN on average for the same film.

    All IDE and SATA modes have been checked and double checked. All firmware (MB and DRIVES) are up to date. All other benchmarks run faster on the conroe rig.

    So my question is, what hardware does slysoft do their development and testing on? It would be interesting to compare notes.
  2. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    This is a question that only James can answer, maybe he will chime in here.:(
  3. Deborah

    Deborah New Member

    Reguarding hardware?

    I have 3 computers. 2 running raid sata 2 preformance 0 mode. One a p4 3.4 ht anther a amd athlon x2 4800 both have 2 gig of ram dual channel. both have ati1300 video cards one a pci-e, the other a agp. Both video cards have 512 mb of ram. Both have 2 pioneer dv 111 16x burners. they both copy a movie in about 15-20 min. About the same. both asus motherboards.

    The other computer I have is a p4 2.6 gig mpga cpu format. Same as the xeon. Intel motherboard. video ati 9200 128 mb ram. 1gb single channel ram. ata 133 wd harddrive 100 gig. 2 liteon 16x burners. This computer should be slower but guess what its not. It consistantly beats the other two, by about 2 minuites, burning the same movie. All computers running windows xp pro. all using Clonedvd 2 & anydvd.
    I don't get it but the performace test I run with sandra lite says the 2.6 gig mpga is running like it should. the other 2 are running within specs.
    Only the computer fairy can figure this one out. :confused:
  4. kurt

    kurt Member

    There seems to be little reason behind what is the "best" rig for this set of programs. My best system for this is my slowest PC for everything else. I have even gone so far as to put on a clean image on the newest system (E6600) and try once more. If I do not use any NIC (INTEL) or audio (Creative) drivers or any other program except Slysoft's, then it just equals the speed of my slowest PC. Very wierd!

    That is why I wanted to know what rig the boys and girls at slysoft were running.
  5. customshopkv1

    customshopkv1 Well-Known Member

    My Evo N610c with 2gb ram with external WD Mybook Pro and Sony VRD-VC20 smokes my AMD 64bit desktop.