Best GUI encoder for UHD Blu-rays

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    What are you talking about? Both files have the same resolution. There are no black bars.
    Anyway, I'm just waiting for the file to finish encoding. It may just be that the first half of the movie uses very little bitrate due to less complex scenes and the second half may cause a huge spike. So I'll find out tomorrow for sure - it would have been done by now but I cancelled it and changed some settings to better match the scene's version mediainfo metadata.
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    In future if your movie has black bars use crop feature on TOP menu and cover top and bottom using +- keys. This will set last option properly and tell the encoder to Ignore the highlighted parts when caculating overall crf value giving you a higher bitrate. Always cut 2min section from middle of movie. Adjust crf value tell target bitrate is 21mbit in live encoder window. You will see this adverage out. If its low bitrate lower crf. If its higher bitrate past 21000 increase crf. Then do the whole movie. 13-21 crf based on movie.
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    Yes, I know. I know how to crop properly. There is nothing wrong with the crop of my version.
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    See last post good luck
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    Thank you!
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    messing with 3dlut davanci resolve 15(free version)

    HDR image off uhd 2018.09.28-01.58_01.png my 3dlut 1080p 420 8 bit color 2018.09.28-01.56.png madvr 200nits pixel shader math off 4k original 10bit color 2018.09.28-01.58.png and straxrip and came up with these results

    the dull is the hdr. The second image is my lut. the third image is madvrs conversion pixelshader at 200nits.
    The encode is h265 to h264 420 8bit and converted from bt2020 to bt709 1080p
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    little more red channel and its pretty dam close. This is all testing......
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    Workflow is take hdr movie and convert in straxrip to dnxhr import into davanci apply lut then export at 6gig min to dxnhr and encode h264 420 8bit. You will need 1tb drive as the quality is excellent but the raw file sizes are huge. The 4k to 1080p on intel 8700k will get 48fps per sec on the final encode! This is only for top boxes 1080p or 25gig platters or hdm1 1.4 tvs. I will not be using this as I do 4k directly in madvr using pixel shander but its always good to have 4k 1080p conversions that look better than the bluray lol.....
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    The ultimate is to play in madvr and loopback and capture with madvrs baked in algo....but this requires 2 pcs or one fsst pc. 8700k can do loopback with rx470 card and decklink 4kmini. Madvr is king
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    getting closer...…not there yet.... 2018.09.29-18.07.png
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    ok heres a closer one. This ones almost exact. The left side if my lut the right side is madvr

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    I will finish this lut but will be moving on from hdr stuff. Getting to old to be playing with capture cards and disks. Rather ho camping and do other things. I wont be posting anymore on makemkv or redfox on these topics anymore. I will finish the 3dlut and show how to use it in encoding as a farwell gift to hdr to sdr encoding......
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    Sorry to hear that you're moving on, but I enjoyed your chats on this Forum.

    Best wishes for whatever you do next.
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    So sad... I really liked your work.
    Wish you all the best.
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    ok finished the entire movie. This movie is 2h 15min. From UHD to dnxhr its 600 gigs. from davanci application of lut to export 600gigs. From encoder to 1080p 8bit... 17.8gig at 18000 bitrate. This includes the untouched dtshd audio track from the uhd. I tested the video and audio and they remain in perfect sinc and the colors look amazing. If you are running madvr simply encode to h265 1080p to save space. This is only for external tvs without HDR. Even if you run a pc for playback this process is pointless. If your streaming content to other tvs or your phone tablet then this is a must get.....otherwise convert hdr to 1080p keep 10bit and let madvr do pixel shader math on the file while playing. There is one more method is to capture the madvr output and feed back into the capture card but still requires encoding as the file size will be 1/2 terabyte. I think the hdr conversion looks better than the bluray that came with my package.

    Workflow is simple.

    Extract uhd or capture uhd. Convert to dnxhr which will keep 422color 10bit. Download davanci resolve 15 free. Import the file. Apply my lut. Then render to dnxhr hqx. The output file will have no audio. the lut will be baked into the 4k file. Add that file to straxrip or handbrake and encode to 1080p 8bit whatever floats your boat. H264,h265 whatever. Extract the mkv dtshd track by using mkvtoolnix. Select the audio and it will export atmos or dtshd in a m4a file. Add that as the audio when doing final encode to mkv container. Load it and play. I think the color is so close to madvr. But then again if you want perfection use madvr. Just gives you more options for guys with projectors or 4k tvs without hdr or tvs that have shitty hdr like me. The file will be 23.976 in thru and out. The 10bit you can keep it too if your tv can play that but id suggest 8bit rec709 at 1080p. You can even keep it rec709 10bit 4k as well. The options are endless. You can also try

    but its complicated to script into straxrip. According to some it produces a nice result but does not have the colors as madvr. So many ways to the final result.
    Ask yourself is it really worth it to do all this for all your movies? Working on the how to video and then im done. Takes too much time to convert add rem line up extract on and on and on and on...…. Il make a video next week. Have to goto work so wont be back for 5 days....

    Heres some test shots of the movie with lut
    rec709 1080p 8bit conversion. I, not out to replace madvr so this is as close as I can get it to the output. Go fullscreen on the images as desktop may skew the image detail. Remember this is baked in color. No more dull HDR files. Also I lowered the black and white level to fall into rec709 standards but uped the midtones so you squeeze in more contrast and white and black level without crushing the details. Basically you will see more.
    2018.10.08-20.52.png 2018.10.08-20.52_01.png 2018.10.08-20.52_02.png 2018.10.08-20.53.png 2018.10.08-20.53_01.png 2018.10.08-20.53_02.png 2018.10.08-20.53_03.png 2018.10.08-20.53_04.png 2018.10.08-20.54.png 2018.10.08-20.54_01.png
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    Here's an easy and quick way of converting your HDR video to SDR using staxrip / DGHable / DG Reinhard.

    Staxrip custom with latest x265/x264 (when i did this) and custom templates:

    if you have an older PC or if x265 crash on your setup, get this version instead:

    no AVX2:

    1-You need to put the staxrip folder( do not rename it) into your C: drive (C:\StaxRip1.8.2.0.x64) otherwise the HDR tone mapping plugins won't work.
    2-If you don't want to put the staxrip folder into your C: drive. Then watch this video and modify the plugins directories into the staxrip script.

    3- If you are new to STaxrip and have no idea on how to install it, watch this video:

    Here's how the hdr tone mapping looks like:

    Madvr latest version 200nits:

    Hable Custom:

    Hable Default:

    Reinhard Custom:

    Reinhard Default:

    Source HDR with no tone mapping:

    1080 Bluray Remux SDR:

    GERERAL1 3dlut: ----> sorry but colors are way off IMO

    DGHable Custom: ----> closer but still not perfect

    Madvr latest build 200nits: ------> still the best tone mapping out there.

    you can also tweak the settings like i did for the custom templates.
    how it works:

    DGHable(clip, float exposure, float a, float b, float c, float d, float e, float f, float w)
    exposure default: 2.0
    a default: 0.15
    b default: 0.50
    c default: 0.10
    d default: 0.20
    e default: 0.02
    f default: 0.30
    w default: 11.2

    exposure: Gain to apply.
    a: Shoulder strength
    b: Linear strength
    c: Linear angle
    d: Toe strength
    e: Toe numerator
    f: Toe denominator
    w: Linear white point


    DGReinhard(clip, float contrast, float bright)
    contrast default: 0.3
    bright default: 5.0

    all the templates included:

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    I'm new to this HDR2SDR problem and tried to get the gereral1-3DLUT-solution to work with the latest staxrip ( I'm getting an error:

    As much as I can read out of it my system is missing this avs2-codec. I found a project on github by wasn't able to get a working file. Is there a package which contains this avs2-codec?

    Thank you!
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    Hi imhh1,
    Can you share your latest Staxrip custom and custom templates again?
    Thank you!
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    Yes bro can share new latest staxrip add all template and old template and installation process plz and add all app in zip

    :-imhh1 plz

    How to install MVtools in StaxRip and use filters? Reply please
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    This version fixes all the issues and includes install how to inside the zip file. I included the capture software as well if you for some reason want to capture live. Most use other tools with a supported uhd drive to allow extraction. I am only posting this as a user requested help on this topic and my old link I deleted all the files but re-uploaded them to mediafire server. I say hello to this world once again. Been along time........