Best GUI encoder for UHD Blu-rays

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  1. Glarioo

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    I installed VapourSynth R43 64bit and Python 3.6.4 64 bit, and I also had to install C ++. Staxrip, with ffms2, gives real 10bit output without changing the source code. Thank you.
  2. Ryushin

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    Just wanted to let everyone know that the next version of RipBot264 will support hard coded subtitles for 10bit content. I've been testing the solution that is being implemented and it works quite well.
  3. Skopin

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    Hey everyone,

    I realize this thread is a few months old, but I am having trouble with VapourSynth in the latest build (both stable and nightly). I'm trying to get the 10bit pipe using v1.7.0.6, and after demuxing, I get an error and the video can't be loaded. This only happens if I choose VapourSynth for my source filter. The log seems to indicate that the plugin folder is missing, but the path it mentions definitely exists, and I've also set the paths in the App settings. Various errors and log attached. I will say that errors 1 and 2 do not happen every time. Error 3 does.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  4. gereral1

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    Are you using imhh1 nightly build? I post a download link. Here's a video to help you out as well.

  5. Skopin

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    I had seen that others were able to get a 10-bit pipe with the latest nightly build though, using VS. I did end up using your build, and it worked. I definitely appreciate you posting that!
  6. gereral1

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    My source is testing the latest update with additional mods and if it checks out I'll add it to my server for everyone to use for HDR 10bit. I've used vapour synth too for 10bit as well with success. I'm messing with straxrip ffmpg prores 422 10bit for my YouTube channel and it's working great with my blackmagic 4k captures in lossless.