Best current SATA Internal BD Optical Drive.........

Discussion in 'CD/DVD/BD Drives' started by MCharlie, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. MCharlie

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    .............that writes, of course, and is 50gb capable.

    And, reasonably priced!

    Building a home theater computer to replace my S-L-O-W AMD based laptop. o_O


  2. nebostrangla

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    You know , that's like asking for the best gaming console. It's really a preference thing. I recommend searching ( They have really good pricing IMO. But even that is a preference thing too. I myself would also recommend one that is BDXL compatible. I know LG has a couple of those. And pioneer has at least one.
    Hopefully that answers your question.
    I will also say this it "the drive" doesn't have to be the latest and greatest to do a good job. I have a LG GGC H20L mfg Oct. of 2008 that was starting to finally have disc recognition problems. So I replaced it with an LG BH10LS30 that I purchased a few yrs ago and didn't install because I wasn't planning to burn BD until CBD was out and stable. The BH10LS30 I have is at least three yrs old if not more. But it was a improvement of read and rip (when nessecery for me) times with the AnyDVDHD image ripper. Have not let CBD do a read and rip from it yet though. But I expect it to be faster than it was before.
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  3. MCharlie

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    Like ford vs. Chevrolet, eh wot?!!

    Currently in my server, is an ASUS 12 something...12 r/w on BD's and I *think* 24 on regular DVD's. I am not unhappy with it, although I have had a few issues with it writing a 50 gig disk clone. Don't know if it was the hardware or the software (CloneBD) Seems I did do a full clone and it worked fine, so it could have been an earlier version of CBD that was the culprit. I think I will stay with the ASUS drive....not real excited about the BDXL stuff yet..too expensive and, from what I gather from reviews, etc., not widely accepted (yet?).

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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  4. nebostrangla

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    Newegg has them (BDXL) for as low as $50 right now. But they don't come with any software ie PDVD.
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  5. DaGoatRancher

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    I like my LG WH16NS40, and my Pioneer BDR-2209 (BDXL). They both perform about the same for me with respect to Riping DVD and BD disks, but the Pioneer is super quiet. I don't burn BD Disks so I can't speak on burn speed or quality. (y)