Best Audio Settings for RME Hammerfall?

Discussion in 'ReClock' started by Danils, Mar 7, 2020.

  1. Danils

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    Hello everyone,,
    Can you advise how to get the most out of my setup?
    I am using an RME Hammerfall HDSPe PCI in windows vista with ffdshow and windows media player 11.
    I am running 64 bit version of Vista, so the only drivers I can see available are the WDM drivers.
    I am using the Analogue outputs of the RME to connect the speakers.
    Can you also advise for ffdshow if I should have 32 bit enabled and any other settings in ffdshow I ll have to change to get the most out of my shound setup?

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  2. el Filou

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    ReClock uses 32-bit float, so if your decoder can directly output 32-bit float for lossy formats you can avoid an unnecessary conversion.
    For ReClock config, using 24-bit output and WASAPI Exclusive gives you highest quality.

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  3. James

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    I took the liberty to do it.