Best 4k Blu-ray Drive?

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    My offer was for a firmware binary to be used in conjunction with a drive's own extracted "dump" file containing the calibration data and other values unique to the device. I'm assuming that if you're looking for firmware you're clear on how a drive is flashed. I am happy to flash drives for people if needed.
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    and that "dumping" of one's firmware is beyond the skill level of some. So i'd err on the safe side if the drive doesn't have 3.02. If it has, return it & get a new one and hope that one's "fine" :)
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    Exactly! My point was I can supply a "fine" unit to anyone who needs it, or if you're in the process of flashing and not sure you're on the right path I can help make sure you are in order to avoid turning your drive into a brick. :)
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    I went to 3.02, because the drive was burning BD only with 4x speed instead of 8x, as indicated. I'm also able to rip UHD disks with 3.02. Speed is better in 3.02 compared to 3.00.
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    Gogosch did you notice any difference in speed between the 3.01 and 3.02? I've done a lot of speed tests using two copies of the same 4K UHD blu ray and the speeds have been identical so I've stuck with 3.01. Always curious to see what other's experiences have been.
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    No he doesn't, because you can't rip UHD's with 3.02. that version revoked the friendlyness
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    Seems there are a couple different versions floating around, the friendly 3.02 and the unfriendly 3.02. I have the friendly 3.02 as it''s the only version that can be crossflashed onto the LG WH16NS60 "Official" Ultra HD Blu Ray player to make that device UHD friendly.
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    why you tagging me? I know 3.02 isn't uhd friendly.
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    Just to let everyone know I purchased The ASUS BW-16D1HT From Alex it came in two days USA it works perfectly brand new and very reasonable price and I am very Happy I have two other UHD friendly drives both

    LG WH16NS40 V1.02 UHD Friendly drives which only read 4K movies @4X the Asus reads @8X much faster is why I bought it from him.

    The drive works fantastic I could not be Happier Alex is very nice person to do business with I Highly recommend him the drive was brand new and shipped and i had it in two days he ships very quickly so if your looking for a UHD Friendly drive contact him you will be happy you did.

    Thank you Alex for your ultra fast shipping your the best!!
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    Actually this has nothing to do with currentRedFox software or BD drives or anything else. It is a software-that-needs-writing request. I've had 3 brain strokes in the last 16 months that left permanent brain damage and my left side is semi paralyzed. So I spend a lot of time in bed. I buy a lot of Audio books from and want to share them with my sister . The Aimersoft software used to rip the books, but doesn't seem to work anymore. They are .aax files. I wish Red Fox would write some effective software for it. The other program I bought (can't remember the name. Brain damage sucks and causes a bazillion typos)doesn't work either. Some of these books are more than 40 hours long, so burning to CD or using sound card to record is not helpful. I wish the Apple software would allow to burn to DL BD but it does not.