Beowulf -Stuck on "Loading" Screen with PDVD

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by mlrtymwest, Feb 28, 2008.

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    Hoping to see if anyone else is having or has had the same problem I'm having with Beowulf.

    First off, I have a fully compliant HDCP system and I'm using OEM version of Power DVD 3516 and latest full version of AnyDVD.

    I have yet to have any issues with backing up any HD DVDs or Blu Ray movies (with the exception of some studdering with Resident Evil) but came across something tonight when I tried to back up my copy of Beowulf.

    There is no problem with the disk as it plays fine from the source disk and there doesn't seem to be any problem with AnyDVD ripping it to my hard drive as it performs the operation without error.

    When I try to play my ISO in Power DVD, however it seems to be stuck in a loop on the inital screen with a "LOADING" banner across the screen.

    I'm wondering if there is a setting I've missed in AnyDVD when ripping or if there is something someone has run across in Power DVD that maybe I'm missing. When I rip HD DVDs with AnyDVD I have all the settings checked.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you may have to offer

  2. mlrtymwest

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    OK it seems I may have solved my own problem, however it leads me to another question and its one that I'm suprised I haven't had to raise before.

    When I replayed the source disk I noticed that during the "Loading" screen it was trying to access the web.

    So I retried my ISO and unplugged my network connection....and bingo it went straight to the main menu and the movie seems to work just fine.

    So my new question is.....Is this the only fix for HD DVDs with web content? Or is there a setting that I can disable in either AnyDVD (when ripping) or in Power DVD when playing that will avoid this glitch.

  3. JimSa

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    I believe the rename highest XPL option usually fixes this.
  4. mlrtymwest

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    ya it seems that setting is almost a default setting for HD DVD. Unfortunately...I did have that option checked.

  5. profcolli

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    The default is NOT checked. Only some titles (Universal) need to have it checked. If you set it (Checked) for a title that needs it, I guess you should Uncheck it afterwards as it seems to be problematic for some other titles.

    This is unfortunately a bit unclear in general, but I guess it will become moot when HD-DVD titles are no longer released.