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"Behind Enemy Lines" - no sound

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Aug 18, 2007
I have copied many movies using AnyDVD and DVD Clone. Today I tried copying a movie from 2001 called - "Behind Enemy Lines". I went through the usual steps in copying the "movie only". When it made the ISO file I looked at the ISO file through DVD Shrink just to make sure the picture and sound looked OK before I burn it through DVD Clone. I noticed there wasn't any sound.

I then tried making a Full Disc copy and got a ISO file with no sound again. The original disc plays fine through Power DVD and my standalone player.

Any ideas why there is no sound? (By the way, I just copied a different movie with no problems)
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Perhaps if you reviewed the Forum Sticky titled “Frequently Asked Questions (READ BEFORE YOU POST)” and read the information contained in item #7 “Why am I only getting Director's comments or having other audio related issues with my backup?” will prove to be helpful to you ->


I did a google search on "Behind Enemy Lines" and "No Sound' and found lots of stuff about this title.

I did try with menus preserved. Still no luck...but I have solved it...although I may not know how. I ripped the DVD to the hard drive by right clicking on the AnyDVD fox. Then I opened DVD Clone and had it make an ISO. (I picked the main movie with no DTS sound.)

After it made the ISO I put the file in DVD Shrink. I previewed it and there was still no sound. What was strange is that Shrink showed I still had a lot of stuff in that file that I didn't want (like more than just the main movie...and audio tracks). So in Shrink I picked just the main movie and when I previewed it...the sound was there. I had Shrink make another ISO file with just what I wanted and then burned it with DVD Clone with no problems.
You're making the wrong audio selections in Clonedvd. I suggest clicking the link Coaster provided.