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Behind Enemy Lines II - Axis of Evil - Gives I/O Device Error


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Feb 5, 2007
Trying to Backup this DVD stops after about 60 megs copied then give an I/O Device Error

Is anyone else having this issue with this DVD?

Behind Enemy Lines II - Axis of Evil :confused:
i backed up this dvd with no issues a long time ago , i bet either your dvd is extreamly damged or bad disc or yoiu have a bad dvd drive ,
that's possible, but it plays on the DVD drive being used to back it up, just fine.

I guess it's also possible one of the menu sections may have an error, and the movie section is OK

maybe a rip of the movie will tell me if the problem is elsewhere on the DVD, if the movie backsup without any errors.
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watching the movie is diffrent then backing it up , as the laser reads it diffrently but yea try an exchanged disc of the same title
didn't know that about the laser, thanks,

I can't exchange the DVD, we purchased it some time ago, and can't return it for exchange anymore :(

maybe trying to copy each section separately, till the bad section shows, then re-authoring with Shrink or Nero may restore it. I'd hate to have to buy it again, this was the reason for backing it up in the first place, too bad I got AnyDVD after the damage :mad:
so then you tried anydvd and clonedvd2 right? what versions ? and have you tried ripping the disc using anydvd ripper