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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by Leatherneck, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Leatherneck

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    I am "evaluating" clone dvd and so far it is just as impressive as cloned cd was when I used it years ago. My question is this though...When I copy the dvd to my hdd this is ripping it to the hdd correct? Then if I want to view this movie on my hdd through a player is there another step that I need to incorporate? My goal is to ultimately place most of my dvd collection on a portable hdd to take with me to work and other places. I have made several backup copies of my kids dvds to take on trips so I have this part of the process down. I am just getting confused or misguided in what to do to play the files after they are on the hdd. Do I need to convert them to and .avi/mpg etc.? Or is there a way to play them directly as Clone puts them on my pc? Thanks in advance.
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    Hi :)
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    You can use WMP but usually need to download codecs for this.
    Most folk use PwerDVD or it's equivilant.
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    I have powerdvd, I must be missing how play the movie from my hdd though. Powerdvd came preinstalled on my Dell laptop. I hate to ask but can you instruct me how to get it playing? The vob files etc. created show no association with Powerdvd, when I manually select the Cyberlink Powerdvd program it just starts up the program with nothing playing.
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    if you load PowerDVD, depending on what version your using somewhere along the bottom of the player controls there should be an option to pick where you're playing from (CD drive etc..) one of those options should be to play from the hard drive. When you pick that it'll open a file browser and you can then pick the folder that contains the files you ripped.
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    Thanks for the responses. I must have a "lite" version of powerdvd by cyberlink. I do not have the option to load from the hdd anywhere on the program. Since WMP has always confounded me I am off to download the latest powerdvd trial. Thanks again.