BDInfo up until current version broken and shows unreliable information

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by Pete, Feb 13, 2019.

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    Triggered by a topic in another thread I got curious and took a closer look at BDInfo's source code.

    There is a bad systematic mistake (not exactly a bug, it's a conceptional error), that causes the info displayed being random up to a point (AVC and HEVC properties).

    This is regarding the current version, but it's very likely, that this bug has been there from the very beginning.

    There are "workarounds" in the code where the author obviously is puzzled by the data not looking quite right, so he shifts around until things match.

    This will probably work for a lot of discs, as long as they have a similar layout (many commercial discs are authored more or less identically). But that's coincidence.

    If anyone knows how to contact the author of BDInfo, please let me know.
    The output is misleading, this should be fixed soon.
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