BD-ROM drive with AnyDVD gives blank video screen

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    Greetings! I've just built the Vista 64-bit Core2Duo system in my sig and added a new Lite-On Blu-Ray drive. It comes with the standard Cyberlink PowerDVD software (astoundingly, Windows Media Player does not play hi-def discs at all). I've also installed a copy of AnyDVD HD. Now, under Vista 64-bit Home Premium, I get a blank screen running the Blu-Ray version of 300. AnyDVD HD seems to load the disc in under ten seconds. The timer increments second-by-second, as if the movie was playing properly, but the player screen is black. Neither of my monitors is HDCP compliant, which is why I'm running the AnyDVD software. I'm using a Dell 20.1" 5:4 ratio LCD for the time being.

    Does anyone have a similar setup and some thoughts on dealing with this issue? I don't expect to get the best possible quality playback; I'm just trying to get it to work properly in preparation for a 24" monitor with the correct compliance specs. the best I can do under current circumstances is 720p.

    Hope some others have had experience with a similar platform. In the meantime, I'm gonna continue to play around with it.

    Also note: I am still using the trial version,
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