BD-RE Service

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  1. B.D. Nukker

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    Having issues with your BD-RE service. Please check. Thank you.

    0.00s: AnyDVD HD
    Coordinated universal time is Sun Jan 13 14:24:58 2019
    Local time is Sun Jan 13 23:24:58 2019
    0.17s: Drive: G:, disabled: 0, don't touch: 0, capture: 0
    0.17s: copy protection based on unreadable sectors: 400
    0.17s: patch: 69f
    0.17s: AIscan: 1
    0.17s: sbresult: 0572CA10
    0.17s: getInteger(0): 1
    0.17s: medium state: 2
    0.17s: ready
    0.20s: busy
    0.80s: Drive G: unlocked!
    0.89s: mode 0
    0.92s: Drive 2
    0.94s: get_capacity_disc_info 0
    0.94s: get_capacity 11826176
    0.94s: dvd-rom version 0 120mm 2.52mbps parallel
    0.94s: Layer 0 End: 0
    0.94s: extract_content data reset 0, io->stop 11826176
    0.94s: layer 1 reserved free
    2.78s: standard udf
    2.78s: label SONY_BD_RECORDER_VOLUME
    2.78s: AACS!
    2.78s: driveSupportsBusEncryption 1
    3.09s: HD type: 3
    3.45s: GetExHashNode checking directory /BDAV/STREAM/...
    3.45s: GetExHashNode returned 00001.m2ts!
    3.57s: MKB version 61
    3.57s: MKB type 31003
    0d3580bc9606 3.57s:
    38ca1975f71f 3.57s:
    4.04s: HD: GetVolumeKey 0
    4.54s: HD:
    HD;SONY_BD_RECORDER_VOLUME|;0d3580bc9606 4.54s: ;;61
    30 be b4 72 48 40 40 36 8d 50 88 78 af 57 a6 0f 4.54s:
    30beb472484040368d508878af57a60f 4.54s:
    4.99s: VerifyMediaKey failed!
    6.91s: yes_clicked: 1, server_error: 12029
    6.91s: path /VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO
    7.00s: Sending Patchlevel 0
    7.00s: mode 0 0x0
  2. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    AnyDVD doesn't have a "BD-RE service". Please read this

    and try again. A full logfile is needed. Not just a few lines from 1 of the text based files.

    But going by 6.91s: yes_clicked: 1, server_error: 12029

    Something is blocking anydvd's internet access to the OPD. Usually some form of firewall.