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    The debate/recommendation for quality 25GB BD-R and BD-RE discs seems to have gone quiet recently. I am not sure if that is because we have all settled on Verbatim as the preferred brand or the playing field is levelling.

    However, now CMC have taken over all but the DL versions within the Verbatim material range, it puts a different light on the brand. I am not sure if the different manufacturing sites ie Singapore/India/Taiwan
    make a difference (someone else will know) but this probably means another look at range of manufacturers out there.

    Anyone done any investigation recently or garnered some helpful information?
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    You can be sure that there is a big diffrence. It depends on the mediacode and those from Japan are the best at the moment. Coopervid and me did a lot of testing in this and we found out that this media burnt with a Pioneer drive gave excelent results. I'll take a look at it's actual mediacode and post it here.
    But I must say that this speacially meant for BD-DL 50 GB.
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    Thanks. As said, I believe Verbatim DL media is still own brand unlike SL. However, I will be very interested in your findings for 25GB media.
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    Mediacode for 25 GB blank available here is: VERBATIMe. For BD 50 Verbatim from Japan the code is: MEI-T02-001
    You can find out this easily by using imgburn as shown here:

    Only insert blank media and wait until it is recognized.
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    Thank you for the information. Do you happen to have the Verbatim product code for the 25GB blank with the mediacode 'VERBATIMe', you show?

    The mediacode I have from the latest purchase of 25GB is CMCMAG-BA5-000.

    I did get 50GB BD-RE manufactured in Japan with the media code VERBAT-IM1-000
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    That depends on where you purchased your blanks. Depending of your country it will be different too.
    I had this media Code for other blanks - bought cheap recently. I'll have to take a look at this.

    Your 50 GB with the other media code could be newer than mine. I ordered in August
    Somtimes the code changes but that doesn't mean that it is crap.

    As said: I'll take a look for the 25 GB blanks and recent media codes.
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    I had a quick look at the link you provided but nothing popped out to help identify the products with mediacodes.

    The CMCMAG-BA5-000 I have are from Verbatim product code 43812 25GB bought in the UK. These are inkjet printable type as I was unable to get the standard face at the time. I see they are available now but only online and I am unable to tell where they are manufactured or the mediacode so its pot luck.

    Incidentally, have you heard about Optical Quantum, a relatively new name marketing a JVC derivative and getting reasonably good technical press reviews but I have seen nothing from actual users. I wondered if you had heard/seen them.
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    Either you found the first sign of the CMC takeover of verbatim (changed MID from VERBAT-IMe-000 to CMCMAG-BA5-000), it's not the MID we're used to but that product code looks ok to be the actual datalife. However i always preferred verbatim 43738 for my BD25. A bit more expensive than the 43812 but mine are professional grade (as in no verbatim branding among other things around the small inner circle, something 43812 does have) and only come 25 to a spindel.
  10. Clarity3

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    The 43812 blanks I have, do not have Verbatim branding around the spindle hole. They have BRF6 on every disc which I assume to be a batch code and an alpha numeric serial, so they appear to be something different again. If these are a new breed of Verbatim then I guess it will be a waiting game to get a reaction from users to judge the burn quality but that still leaves longevity.