BD+ questions need to know before i decide

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  1. Blubay

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    Hi i was thinking of buying this nice application, the anyDVD HD version, but before i go ahead and do just that, i would appriciate some answers,
    I have just bought myself some new movies and would like to know if these movies are able to be backed up and converted to other formats like mkv or any other format,
    and not just being able to watch them on power dvd on my pc,
    Some of the movies i would like to backup is "Spiderman 3" and "Sunshine"
    "Live free Or Die Hard" .

    is this possible with your software?cause ive heard from different forums that Die hard in paticulare could only be watched with powerDVD ultra.
    and nothing ellse would play it, or are they wrong?is it possible to not just copy/backup to ones disk but allso possible to convert it with let sayx264 to avchd compitabled format,
    Or perhapse to anything ellse, DivX,Xvid,U.C-avi,mpeg2.
    please let me know!:bowdown:

  2. hotdog453

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    Reconverting the movies to a different format, ie, x264 etc, is possible, but Slysoft does not make a product to do it "one click style". Google will be your biggest ally in this battle; it's not HORRIBLE to do if you've played with video encoding in the past, but far from as simple as DVD re-encoding.

    "All" AnyDVD HD does is decrypt the discs, and remove HDCP protection. It doesn't do anything in the realm of re-encoding. That being said, you're not going to be able to re-encode ANYTHING without ripping the discs to the hard drive, so you'd need AnyDVD either way.
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    Thank you, well i know Anydvd doesent do converting from Blu-rays allready.
    I know that i must use other tools for this,
    but what i want to know is if these blu-rays Live Free Or Die Hard ,Sunshine ,Spiderman,especialy these BD movies are possible to be decypted with AnyDVD HD,to a sutge level that it will be possible to demux the output m2ts from to raw streams and convert from there.
    has anyone tried to convert Die Hard 4 Blu-ray for example to something ellse,
    This is what i would like to know!
    thank you!
  4. Adbear

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    General rule, if it's released by Fox then it will now have BD+ which means you can play it from the hard drive, but not re-encode it
  5. Blubay

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    I like straight answers
    Thank you sir.
    thats the answer i was looking for.
    but noot really hopping for.
    thank you very much.
    I gues il wait to see if Slysoft can solve this, if they do i wont hesitate to buy
    Anydvd HD.
    That General Rule should be a sticky on the Top of this forum,
    would help people like me,getting less confused.
    thanks again.
    I have confident in Slysoft.
    hopefully just a matter of time before you guys solves this issue.
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