BD playback fine but no HD DVD?

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  1. hlkc

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    BD playback fine but won't play HD DVD?

    I have been ripping BD movies, stores in HDD and playback using PowerDVD without any problem. As the growing HD DVD, I just got one of the LG BD/HD DVD combine player. After installed the new LG player, I am still able to play BD movies from my PowerDVD using exactly the same method, rip Video DVD to hard drive from AnyDVD icon and play back from HDD using PowerDVD. But when I played my first HD DVD using the same way I ripped to BD movies, it crashed the PowerDVD when I tried to play the HD DVD from the HDD. What did I do wrong? The way I ripping HD DVD to HDD? PowerDVD HD DVD setting? How can I able to play both BD and HD DVD from my HDD using PowerDVD?

    Please help. Many thanks in advance.

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  2. Bill101

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    What version of PDVD are you using and was it with just one HD DVD disc?
  3. hlkc

    hlkc Well-Known Member

    I am using PowerDVD 3319 and so far I only got one HD DVD which is " The Kingdom".

    May I ask,
    1) Are we ripping HD DVD the same way as BD using the AnyDVD icon?
    2) Am I playing the same way to play HD DVD like BD from hard drive?
    3) Any setting I need to change or edit in PowerDVD in order to play HD DVD?
    4) Any known PowerDVD version play both fromat from HDD okay today?

    Many many thanks in advance!
  4. Bill101

    Bill101 Well-Known Member

    PDVD 3104a or 3319a are the ones most people recommend for the best play back.I don`t have any bluray but,as far as I know,you shouldn`t have to have different settings.Do you have Hardware acceleration enabled in PDVD?,that seems to cause a problem for most people.I was using 3104a and it worked fine for 8 movies but,it would just freeze on The fast and The Furious and The Mummy Returns.I downgraded to 2605.0 and all of them play now.Does it crash as soon as you hit the O.K. button or after play starts?
  5. hlkc

    hlkc Well-Known Member

    Yes, as soon as I choose the movies and about 3 to 5 sec it crashed before it start playing.

    No, I do not have Hardware acceleration enabled.

    Where can I download 2605.0 or 3104a PowerDVD to try?

    Thanks for all the help!
  6. Bill101

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    The 2605.0 version is the one I got when I ordered the boxed product last month.We aren`t allowed to link to downloads here.I used Google to find 3319.a but,it won`t install for me so I think the file must be corrupted.RapidShare has 3319.a and others which is where I got mine from so I don`t know if it`s a good file or not.Others might work O.K. though.I forgot to ask,does it play from the drive without issue?,it`s possible the disc is bad.
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