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    This is from a PM with peer:


    I understand your reasoning, but I do believe it is possible. I recall reading a document a while back that states that this is one 'benefit' of using the BD+ VM.

    Also, picture the following transform: "toggle whether luma values are to be inverted on every closed GOP boundary". This wouldn't hurt compressability much. It would be quite annoying to somebody trying to remove BD+ though.
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    I would not post any part of a pm.
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    As Peer said:

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    Its a good idea for a protection but I doubt it would be possible, the players werent designed to do that, and it would require more cpu power which couldnt be done by a simple firmware upgrade, it would completely make the discs unplayable on old players.
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    Because it was a "from" pm. That tells me "P"m. Just IMO
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    Great! A 6 time poster councils a 1 time poster (and a Slysoft Team leader) on proper posting etiquitte. :D


    PS: The actual subject matter was interesting - be quiet and read and learn.
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    It is interesting reading but was it really necessary to actually quote the private message in a public forum post?

    This isn't as much about etiquette as it is common sense, IMHO. If peer isn't bothered then it's not an issue, however.
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    I apologize to the OP for distraction but stand by my assertion.
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    Stay on topic, please--or this thread gets closed. :policeman: