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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by Shadow77, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Shadow77

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    Let me start off by saying thank you to all of the developers of this software. I truly appreciate the dedication and hard work you all put into this.

    I am new to this software and have been getting somewhat knowledgeable of it's workings.

    I am a purist when it comes to backing up my movie collection, meaning I prefer 1:1 copies with menus and bonus features. I do not like to compress anything down to save space.

    Here is why I am sending this post.

    I have been noticing many of my BD rips are not including the menus and some other files, even when I choose complete copy within CloneBD.

    I am including ziplogs for some of my BD's that I have noticed have the issue that I previously referred to.

    The summary shows several inactive files, including menus, even though I chose complete copy within CloneBD.

    I am using the following versions

    AnyDVD HD

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  2. ItsFoxy

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    You don't need CloneBD at all to create a complete copy. Just use AnyDVD and click "Rip to Image" or "Rip Video Disc to Harddisk" from context menu. Done.
  3. Shadow77

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    I have tried that and still have issues retaining the entire disc with menus and other files. I do not think it is a CloneBD issue but a AnyDVD issue.
  4. DigitalJunkie

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    It's not the AnyDVD's problem, it's most likely a media player you use that's not using the menu available.
  5. Ch3vr0n

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    AnyDVD can only rip 1:1, it cant exlude artwork used for menu. A rip is file wise identical to the original minus protection. If you do a FULL DISC copy, then that applies for CloneBD too. It's only with partial copy CloneBD offers to create its own menu and not use the standard one. What are you using for playback?
  6. Shadow77

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    Hello Ch3vr0n,

    I have not tried any players, my point is that when choosing complete copy with in CloneBD and looking at the summery just before coping, I noticed a discrepancy of what Complete copy and the final out come will be.

    I have attached 2 screenshots of a movie showing what appears in the summary after choosing Complete Copy.

    The first screenshot is of the active files in the summary and the second screenshot show the summary after clicking on the inactive files checkbox.

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  7. Ch3vr0n

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    Not 100% sure what they mean by inactive, but the only real test would be to play the copy in a licensed software player or a standalone one. If the menu is fully there then everything went fine.

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  8. Shadow77

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    I have tested this theory and find all the inactive files are not being transferred over when choosing complete copy. The disc will start playing the main movie and there is no way to go to the menu.
  9. Ch3vr0n

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    How does the original behave. I often see it myself that titles do indeed start immediately and setup has to be done via the pop-up menu or by hitting 'menu' after movie playback has begun.

    Though perhaps @Pete can take a look. But add a CloneBD logfile too of the problematic title

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