BD+ helped Blu-ray?

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    With only one company using BD+ and not even on all titles i doubt BD+ was a big factor. If the other studios were interested in BD+ they would use it.
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    The following is ONLY speculation and my personal thoughts:

    Knowing that your customers might be very angry at you for using BD+ would you want to be the first studio to use it? Or second? Or third? What if it didn't work out so well and although they had tested it before releasing it for use it turned out that problems arose when it was actually released for public consumption. I don't know about you but I wouldn't have wanted to be the first studio to put my head on the chopping block and possibly end up losing it.

    FOX stepped up to the challenge. Why? Maybe they were "compensated" for being a guinea pig. I'm not stating this is a fact. I'm merely throwing the idea out there. It's already known that both sides financially compensated studios for supporting one format or another. It's not a big stretch to then say maybe FOX was compensated for using BD+ to show that it worked.

    Now also take into account the cost of BD+. It was a publicly untested protection mechanism and it costs money to even license to begin with on top of the license fee for AACS which is already on the disc. Again I must ask, would you want to be the first studio? Not I.

    It's always possible studios might be sitting back and seeing what Slysoft does with BD+. If Slysoft defeats it then why waste the money licensing it for your releases? That would be wasted money, IMO.

    Lastly, regardless of the fact that FOX is the only studio to use BD+ it is an optional method of protecting a studio's content. The fact that it exists very well could have swayed studio support even if they haven't embraced it and haven't actually used it yet.

    I believe BD+ played a role in winning the format war but you can't discount the mandatory use of AACS, as well. No one other than Slysoft has managed to overcome MKBv4 so it's not like BD+ is really currently necessary. Burning a backup is financially unfeasible at the moment and the people I have talked to who actually do want to make backups are not your everyday normal person but are instead quite knowledgeable.
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    Stay tuned, a crowd is gathering

    Super assessment and worth thinking about! :)

    From experience, the studios know that we are not sleeping either and BD+ is not a 100% guarantee so it is indeed a safe assumption that a "let's see what happens" approach by the studios with a trial run by just one is looking very probable.

    Keep thinking.....;)
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    I forgot to note a few other things, as well. The studios love to stagger releases across regions. With HD-DVD this was still possible but a person could simply order the release from another region and get it before it was available in their region. Due to the lack of any Region Coding and optional AACS this effectively meant the chances of the movie being propagated in one form or another on the internet was more likely with HD-DVD.

    In short, BD+ alone did not lead to BD winning, IMHO. BD while being more expensive in numerous ways being it licensing fees as well or in other ways allowed studios the option down the road to protect their content using far more controlling mechanisms than HD-DVD. AACS is mandatory, Region Coding is optional and BD+ is optional. Of course these protection mechanisms were to the detriment of smaller studios but that's now moot.

    Lastly, I find the timing of the release of BD+ releases to be more than coincidental. As I already commented on the possibility of FOX being compensated for doing it I also believe that due to the repeated successes of Slysoft overcoming MKBv1 through MKBv4 that getting a studio to display the ability of BD+ to defeat the perfect backup of BD discs was a perfect marketing tactic at the right time for the studios to see. Studios that may have originally thought that AACS was enough on its own might have finally decided that it wasn't. Throw in financial incentive by the BD lobby and it's a done deal.

    Anyway, as I said in my initial post my statements are purely speculation and my own personal beliefs. I have no sources to back me up on my statements nor has anyone provided me any information.
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    I don't think FOX needed to be compensated, they volunteered.
    1.) EVERY FOX BD is region locked, regardless if this is a 30 years old movie.
    2.) EVERY FOX DVD has additional RCE protection to normal region coding. Even catalogue releases.
    3.) FOX pulled all releases once AACS was circumvented the first time, and waited for a long time to catch up with all titles BD+ protected (IIRC with FF4 ROTSS)

    In a way, BD+ and region coding helped to keep the "BD only", if Fox & Warner would have gone red, the war had ended differently.
    But it is a waste of time to speculate, it is like it is now, we'll have to live with it.