BD+ defeatable?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by SManu, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. SManu

    SManu Active Member


    i have buy a combo LG H10N but my DLP not hdcp compliant
    so i'm interesting in buying anydvd hd...
    But with the decision of Warner i think BR and Sony win the war... and the new protection too
    When Slysoft claims the bd+ is compromised, i see an hope to continue watching BD without buying a new lcd. But i see this article :
    so i'm not sure at all
    is there a chance that bd+ will be defeated completely ? Why it took so long (according to slysoft's declaration, it was for end of the year 2007) ? A very big problem was found ??
    too bad no post resume all information about this protection and the way to bypass it.
    If i understand, i can read bd+ only with powerdvd 3119a ? But with original blu ray it works too or not (no hdcp screen in my house) ? If they decide to stop playback with specific version of powerdvd, no way to play ?
    Could we make a BR shrink (only movie and sound + subs) with bd+ title ? If not why ??

    Sorry for my poor english, i'm french... before buying anydvd, i have a lot of questions...
    thanks a lot
  2. DonCarlos

    DonCarlos Well-Known Member

    First of all I have to say all released BD+ can be ripped with AnyDVD HD, and it is possible to watch them without HDCP with PowerDVD 3319a.

    The problem is the protection BD+ is not cracked. You just carry it with you. The movie is still protected so you can not work with it, so a BD shrink would not make any sense.

    Slysoft never said here in the forums, that they would have done it untill the end of 2007. The only thing James said was at the time MKB v 4 came out, that it would take them about 6 weeks after MKB v 4 is cracked to crack BD+. But you see that did not happen. I am not the only person who waits for the BD+ support but I don't want to get on the nerves of James and the others by asking them again and again. But they promised to break it so I believe them.
  3. w_illboy

    w_illboy Member

    I too am crossing my fingers and waiting patiently as I would like to give my BD+ titles the same shrink treatment as I have done to my others using rlung's excellent layman's guides.
  4. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Certainly. :D
  5. Maltese

    Maltese Well-Known Member

    If Slysoft wants to help HD DVD, then release the BD+ reversing version of AnyDVD. This will eliminate one of the reasons studios go to Blu Ray.
  6. linx05

    linx05 Well-Known Member

    It will be released when it is done :)
  7. devil869

    devil869 Member

    Why would slysoft release the fix now? There is a way to bypass the protection. When the backdoor is blocked, then slysoft would release the bd+ crack.
  8. ano102

    ano102 Active Member

    I am not agree
    the PDG of slysoft claim during november in the press that they hope to release a release with BD+ before the end of the year !!!
    so that is why we all wait for that :(
  9. eraser2002

    eraser2002 Member

    I dont understand what point you are making?

    Slysoft said in that quote "hope to release" which is different than "will release".

    Being as though they had no informaton to work on cracking BD+ is obviously taking longer than originally anticipated, this quote was a best educated guess

    I "hope" to win the lottery before too long but hoping and doing are 2 different things :D
  10. Maltese

    Maltese Well-Known Member

    I believe that was his point. The statement was a bunch of fluff to get people to buy in now instead of waiting. Words like hope and eventually or future mean absolutely nothing. Sure someone will do it eventually. It might take 10 years.

    One of the reasons I bought AnyDVD HD was the announcement of the BD+ full reversal. The marketing should be you can make backups of BD+ if you use PowerDVD 3319a on a PC. Use any other Blu-ray program and it won't work.

    That is unless, there is a proper release of AnyDVD HD coming. I'm starting to think people are fruity giving winks to everyone.
  11. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    James has always said buy it for what it can do NOW rather than what it might do in the future. If you bought it for the promise of BD+ that wasn't a good idea. If you bought it for all the things it can currently do, then you made a wise choice.
  12. talon95

    talon95 Well-Known Member

    In the long run, even if it takes until summer or longer, not a big deal IMO. Only a handful of disks with BD+ right now anyway. I'd like to see BD+ get added as much as anyone and I am eagerly awaiting the first release with BD+ support, but it just doesn't seem that critical at the moment IMO. Certainly not enough to beat up the Slysoft guys.
  13. SManu

    SManu Active Member

    thanks a lot for your answers :bowdown:

    I don't want to get on the nerves of James and the others by asking them again and again... i just want some precision and if it's impossible, just tell us

    But i hope Slysoft team defeat BD+... If there is a possibility they do it
    i love your comment james :D

    if BD+ still unbreakable it will be the reign of DRM... Sony hate freedom's customers

    i'd like to know why other editors don't use this protection ?? Only Fox titles... :confused:
    I don't want to buy fox's titles but if others groups use this kind of protection, i'll no longer have the choice :(
  14. talon95

    talon95 Well-Known Member

    Well, if it should go unbroken long enough, then I imagine all of the studios will start using BD+. If there was a real reason for being in a hurry to get BD+ support in AnyDVD, it would be to discourage it's use by the studios. I also have to wonder if BD+ was part of Warner's decision (along with the money of course).
  15. hotdog453

    hotdog453 Well-Known Member

    Psst, I hear they also club seals. Pass it on. And I'll take "freedom's customers" to mean "customer's freedom", unless you're really pouring on the sarcasm today.

    Because Fox wanted extra protection. And got it with BD+, until it's more-completely broken.


    Try this: See a Fox title? Don't buy it. Boo ya! Take that, consumerism!
  16. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    You do (get on my nerves) 'cause I said it many, many times, and I say it agian: Yes, it is possible, and yes, we'll do it.
  17. peterbus

    peterbus Well-Known Member

    keep in touch james,it makes the wait easier.:bowdown:
  18. deaacs

    deaacs Well-Known Member

    The backdoor doesn't help people with stand-alone players connected to non-hdcp compliant hardware (or non-powerdvd customers for that matter), so I don't think Slysoft is "sitting on the crack". As James has repeatedly stated - it is on its way.
  19. markcu

    markcu Well-Known Member

    Ok, Prove it :)


    Clearly I dont expect you to fall for such a childish challenge. It just looked like a good chance to say something (mildly) funny :):)
  20. sclaws

    sclaws Well-Known Member

    Please forgive my newbie ignorance with this question...will a ripped BD+ program play back ok from a HDD if you don't alter it?
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