BD+ Broken?

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    I confirm. Just check my other post on ID4 and FF2 region problem ;)
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    Sounds like a dream come true! :rock: :bowdown: :clap:
    Peer van Heuen
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    Originally Posted by rack04 View Post
    Please... that is not an official beta and it has a few bugs that have been fixed.
    We expect the release to become available today, so pleeeease, just a little patience and don't ruin your day with a beta that wasn't meant for public in the first place...
    SlySoft Inc.
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    This isn't a public beta and there is bugs in this version download if you wish as it is a 404 page not found.
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    I know, just this is good part:

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    :clap: :clap: :clap:

    Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!! :rock:
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    oh my god thank you very much!!! this software is the money worth! :)

    i cant wait longer :)
    i hope the bd+ removal works with movies that are already on my harddisk.. if it not works , no problem, i have only one bd+ title at the moment. But i'm sure i will buy more titles now =)

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    Thanks so much, that will cheer me up since the Rox lost to the Celts;)
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    BTW: i thought it takes 10 years to brake BD+??? :clap:
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    Funny thing, I just told my friend the same.:D:D
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    Well Done Slysoft!

    Looking forward to final version to support BD+ :clap::):rock:
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    Brilliant! Well done Slysoft team.:rock:
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    Wouldn’t the studios be better off making the Blu-ray discs so huge capacity wise that it just wasn’t cost effective to copy them? I know they could easily make a 100+ Gig disc if they wanted to. Then they could just put lossless video and audio on there and be done with. Everyone would get the quality they want and it really wouldn’t make sense to copy it.

    If you were bent on backing it up then you could still do that but it just wouldn’t be the most cost affective solution anymore.
  14. Xtrap1979

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    Then there would be ways to circumvent that. Like muxing just the main movies and stuff. In times where great compression codecs and the internet start playing a bigger role that wouldn't make too much sense though....
  15. James

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    No, because the "superior bandwith of Blu-ray" (Blu-ray marketing crap) isn't high enough for lossless Video.
  16. SamuriHL

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    To my knowledge, nothing has that kind of bandwidth right now. You're talking about terabytes of data, no?
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    Need help removing DRM coding from my Kindle ebook.

    Kindle attaches DRM Digital Rights Management coding to everything it puts on my Kindle from I hate this -- I have bought these ebooks, but you would never know it once DRM gets hold of it. Once on my Kindle, even though I can bring everything via USB cable to my hard drive, I cannot add it to another Kindle owned by my son, or add any he has to mine. This sucks. Either I own what I pay for, or why should I have to pay at all.

    I would like SlySoft to come up with a DRM removal routine, which I would be happy to pay for.

    Charles Wilkes, San Jose, Calif.
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    Downloading the new version of SlySoft to my disk.

    I am a registered owner of AnyDVD, and have the serial number. I was told by a message this morning of a new release which I can download for free, but when I went to do this, I cannot find a way to do it -- everything wants me to pay again.

    Can anyone tell me how? I'm sure it's there, I just can't find it.

    Charles Wilkes, San Jose, Calif.
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    You have to buy the hd addon for this. Its worth 10 times the money now. If you are a registered owner you should be able to download but it wont have the hd addon enabled unless you pay for it. There should be no message of paying for anything with the download. Post the message. Just click on this link, if you are registered you can download it, if you are not you can try the 21 day free trial, if you have already done that, you have to buy it.
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