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    Try SmartBlue Discs 50gb.....$3.49 ea and free shipping. I haven't had a coaster yet....Just check the compatibly chart to make sure they will work with your burner. I am using the Pioneer BDR-206D with version 1.56 firmware. I had an LG but they just don't up-date their firmware. Also these 6X burn fine at 4X. I have not had any problems at all......Average burn time is 45 Min......
  2. Pudder

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    Sorry, I for got the link for the Smartblue Discs..... at

    Click here: SmartBlu Blu-ray Disc BD-R 6x 50GB SBR6SSH50 - Lacquer Non-Hub Print 50pk Cake
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    Good BD-R

    I would have to agree with you on that. A friend on another forum has been running them through a multitude of burners at all available speeds with surprisingly good results/no coasters. Well, maybe not so surprising. They are made by CMC with media code CMCMAGD16 in the same factory that is producing Verbatim DL's. In Mediamegamall's words, "we are trying to give folks a solid stepping stone into 50GB BD-R's". They purchased a LARGE quantity of them to make it possible to offer them so cheap.

    I use injets, so I left it up to him to give these a workout :).

    The 4x 25GB Smartblu's are the best, most consistent 25GB's that money can buy. Bar none.
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    Good to know! I've been looking for some decent and affordably priced BD DL media. Thanks for the heads up on the sale and, to deanwitty, for the corroboration.

    Edit Update: Ordered a 50pk as specified above from MediaMegaMall. Offer available here
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    Please let us know your experience with them. MMM has had a unique distinction from other sellers for a while now, in that the media they sell under their own "Smart" label has been strictly top-shelf stuff(their inkjet BD DL's are actually MKM's;)). Complete opposite end of the spectrum from others like Meritline. I spoke with a contact there expressing my surprise at a "value" BD-R in their line-up, concerned about what appeared to be out of character for them. I was assured he had good reason to believe the DL's would not be a problem. Along with the other communication I quoted. Was pleased to see above average performance when they were put to the test. As well as reports of smooth video playback. Very nice to see a decent DL finally coming down to this price range.

    As the OP wisely pointed out, anyone considering these should check for compatibility with your drive. It is a newer media code. Most drives have support with the latest firmware.
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  6. Sabertooth

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    Received my package of disks yesterday. I ordered the 50pk but received two 25pk cakeboxes as opposed to a single 50pk cakebox.

    Burned a few disks already without issue using my new Sony BD-5300S v2 burner. The disks actually ID as CMCMAG-DI6-000. It's easy to pick up the "I" as a "1". Average burn time at MAX speed was around 36 min.

    I've attached a representative ImgBurn Graph (IBG) data file as well as a jpg of the BurnPlot rendered graph. Edit: You can view the raw data in the IBG file using any text editor and you can render the graph yourself using the freeware BurnPlot.
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    Thank you for the update. Glad to hear the Sony is handling them well. I thought it very likely, as the nearly identical Lite-on iHBS112 drive did very well with them. I also tried Burnplot a long time ago, Opti drive control yields a slightly better ImgBurn graphical image IMHO. You can likely also use ODC to do a disc quality/error rate scan with your new drive to test recording quality at different burn speeds. If your drive is based on the newer iHBS112-04, you may need to use a little trick to make this function work. 4x scanning speed seems to correlate best for me to real-world playback performance. While a playback test is certainly the gold standard for recorded video testing, the error rate test shows a distinct correlation to playback performance. I have found that above a certain error level, playback issues may start to be seen. Of course a read speed/TRT test is also very good at detecting high error rates on a BD-R. Your verify speed looks immaculate, so any other testing might be more for adventure than necessity :).
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    I like some of the features (like the CSV export) of Opti drive control but (after the 30 day trial) my cheapskate side can't see the value as being worth $25 at this point. The operative word with BurnPlot is freeware so the OP and anyone else can also take a look without a financial commitment inherent. (I knew you would be covered already. :agree:)

    I'm also doing a rip back test with AnyDVD HD and the less tolerant LG WH10LS30 1.00a9 as a baseline to go with the go/no-go testing of my aging media library that I've been doing.

    Just ran into a problem with one attempt where ImgBurn is hanging at Reserve Track at the beginning of the burn operation. It seems to be something with that particular item and ImgBurn as I was able to burn the same disk with different content and no problems (after a restart). A little more looking into for that required but not apparently reflective of the disk in any way.
  9. deanwitty

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    Was that problematic content an iso created by another program? Often its helpful to create an ISO with ImgBurn including the MDS and burn selecting the MDS. Always helpful to make it as smooth as possible with pricey media :).
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    Have you tried updating the LG's firmware using the BH10 1.01 firmware? As far as I can see the drives appear identical and the BH10 firmware is more up to date. I found with my drives that I got better read and write results after updating and that some of my discs that it wasn't reading well read fine after the update. (Just remember that all firmware updates are at your own risk, but the LG software won't allow you to flash the drive if it doesn't think the drive is valid to update)
  11. Sabertooth

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    Thanks for the suggestion! To be honest, in a strange way, I actually like that the LG is different from the other drives. Both Sony's read through errors pretty well but you can see the problems during playback. The LG's sensitivity has actually helped me find the disks that have problems. Also, the LG occassionally is able to get through a disk that thwarts the Sony's. For example, I was ripping a movie yesterday and both the Sony's failed with read errors but the LG was able to plod through. The problem was a bad "making of" video and since the LG was able to read through the errors, I was able to extract the (perfectly okay) movie pretty easily. The LG resides in a PC with one of the Sony's too so is not critical.
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    guys the above discs are philips bd-r 1-6x with blue strip in the middle of the disc as label
    andybody have any problems with these the lot i have the whole spindle is giving me coasters
    its says medium error and write error
    please let me know
  13. Adbear

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    What drive are you using and with what firmware? Also what speed are you letting them burn at?
  14. vamsilak

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    lG ggw h20l
    i tried from 2.4-6x
  15. Sabertooth

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    With the CMCMAG-DI6-000, I've had three write error coasters out of the first 25 disks. All coasters were on the Sony BWU-300S v1.0c which is limited to 4x burns with those disks.
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    please dont get me started on the CMCMAG-DI6-0000 codes, i purchased a cake tub of 10 discs branded Pidata at the price of £30.

    My lite-on eHBU212 writer is suppose to support the CMCMAG-D16-0000 according to lite-on support but my writer wont even write the lead-in track to these discs. The discs just spin in the writer like they are about to work but then spinning slows down and it just keeps doing this in a constant cycle

    I thought it was the firmware at first not supporting these discs but according to lite-on support my writer does support this MID code and my writer must be defective :doh:

    my writer will write perfectly to pidata bd-25GB discs that use the ritek dye so surely my writer can't be defective ?

    I suspect it is a firmware issue but i might be wrong
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    [New here] 25 RIDATA 6X Blank Blu-Ray BD-R DL Dual Double Layer 50GB Inkjet Printable Disc cost about 43USD. I have been using these because they are cheap. I have usually had a few "bad burns", write errors in each batch. Even with a few "coasters", it still only about 2USD a disc. Can anyone compare these with anything else out there? Especially in this price range?
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    The main reason you're getting burn errors is because RiData (RiTek) is about the cheapest, crappiest brand you can get (having multiple burn errors in each batch of discs should have given you a clue ;)). Even sony and TDK are better. In combination with my LG drives, i EXCLUSIVELY use Verbatim brand discs (DVD+R, azo dye logo. And BD-R). I use printable's though.

    branded ones:

    Keep in mind when you spot blanks bearing the mark "LTH" on the packaging. Avoid at all costs, even the verbatim ones. That's an obsolete technology

    I went more into detail here

    though those are amazon links.
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    Yeh, I think I have a LG drive [not home now, will check later]. And, I was using Verbatim BD-25s. I think I noted that "shrinking" typical Hollywood Blu-Rays down to BD-25 took the better part of night. And, Verbatim BD-50s cost about 45USD for a 10 pack. Hence, the "crappy" RiData. I could try either the Sony or TDK. Do you know if they cost about the same as the "crappy" RiTek?