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  1. OK, I am VERY new to this. So please speak in single syllables (technically I mean).

    I just got a Blu-Ray Drive. I installed AnyDVD HD and Power DVD Ultra. When I went to back up the first movie (The Lives Of Others) which is a movie that is native German with English subtitles, I found that there was no sound at all and the english subtitle were not showing up. Theonly program I used for the backup was AnyDVD HD. I played it over the Power DVD Ultra.

    My hardware configuration is the following:

    CPU : Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz
    CPU (Hardware acceleration) : NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS (HDMI)
    System Memory : 2048 MB
    Operating System : Windows Vista
    Graphics Card : NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS (HDMI)
    Graphics card video memory : 256 MB
    Graphics Card Driver : 7.15.11.
    Software Player : PowerDVD 7.3.3104a.0 Yes (I took this snapshot of my system before I had upgraded to Power DVD Ultra and AnyDVD HD)
    Video Connection Type : Digital(with HDCP) Yes
    Program version : 1.0.2418.0

    I tried to attach the log I got from ADVDHD but the website only allows a 10 meg file size for a zip file and this one was 55 meg.

    Any help is appreciated.
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  2. Adbear

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    The log file shouldn't be that big, you must have tried to attach the wrong file
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    There's only one audio track on the BD disc, and is it DTS-HD?

    I also encountered the same issue. The DB ripped m2ts with AnyDVD didn't want to play back the master DTS-HD audio track with PDVD or Showtime, or any other player, only the other AC3 tracks. But if I converted the m2ts to avi, XviD video encoding and direct audio stream copy of the DTS-HD master track, it played back with any player. So basically the same audio track didn't play from m2ts, but it played from avi. Clueless why...From what I noticed PDVD or NShowtime doesn't play the master DTS audio track, but automatically plays the next available AC3 track.
    One DB disc had English DTS/Spanish AC3/French AC3 tracks and upon playback of the m2ts with PDVD or NShowtime there was only spanish language.
    One BD disc had English DTS/English AC3/Spanish AC3/ etc and upon playback of the m2ts with PDVD or NShowtime there was English language, but the AC3 I guess.
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    i thought it was because you needed something from the menuing to activate that embedded dts stream. If I take that same .m2ts stream and tsremux it, make a bluray out of it, it should trigger the audio, but not from the .m2ts stream by itself (of course I play back from a standalone like the ps3) least that's what I seem to remember
  5. GeeForce11

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    It should work.
  6. Ummm... what does that mean.:confused: That flew right over my head.

    Can you explain it like you would to a 5 year old. I have no idea what all of those abbreviations mean. I am just learning about HTPCs so I have no experience.

    If it would take you too long to post step by step instructions on how I can fix this, is there maybe a webiste link you could direct me to that would tell me how to do this?

    Thanks in advance for your help
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    what version of pdvd are you running? You do know that anything newer than 733319a will not play rips.
  8. Ok First of all here is the correct log from ADVDHD.

    Second, Power DVD Version 7.3 (Ultra)

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