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  1. Hello,

    I have been using Verbatim (Mitsubishi Kagaku - Japan) Discs recently purchased of Amazon. Spindle of 50 for $124.00.

    I have had positive results with these discs burned at lower speeds.

    Any recommendations from anyone for other 50GB Discs ?
  2. Jaws_1

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    No. These are the best discs. Just use them with a Pioneer burner. Burns with LG and the variants of LG suck and have problems at the layer break.
  3. I have used them on an LG Burner and had a few produce heat bubbles on the disc which caused a read problem. Ive recently bought a Pioneer Drive. It works very well.
    Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Jaws_1

    Jaws_1 Well-Known Member

    Burn at 4x, better at 2x with the Pioneer and you will have immaculate results.
  5. I generally burn at 2X. The Pioneer 212-EBK Produces good results. Ive had no errors so far.
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  6. Jaws_1

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    You are really on the right track.
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  7. Thanks for the information, Stay Safe.
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    What about the following 50GB Verbatim 'hard coat' blank BD-R DL discs which come in 10 and 25 packs (they cost more than the 'Japan' 50 pack ones linked above):
    How is their quality?

    Are you saying the Verbatim (Mitsubishi Kagaku - Japan) discussed at the top of this thred are better quality?
    If so, I assume these are the ones being discussed?


  9. Hello,

    I don’t confess to be an optical specialist but reading forums and reviews I take the impression that Verbatim are the best brand on the market. I think cost is a factor (Like anything in life). I would recommend the Verbatim (Japan) as I have burned over 200 Discs so far with only 2 which I experienced a fault with.

    I’m sure many other users of AnyDVDHD would have a more in depth analysis than myself.


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    Thanks a lot Michael!
    The Japan discs you burned are these >>?

    A few questions since, in addition to the brand of media (discs), the drive being used will also play a big role in how well the discs burn:
    What drive and software is this with?
    What speed do you burn at? 2x? 4x? 6x?
  11. Hello,

    Yes. I found this link for you.

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  12. kufo

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    Burning 2x with my Pioneer drive made always pefect results.
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    For future reference, which Pioneer drive do you recommend?

    I'm thinking of getting a 2nd Blu-ray drive, and if it's capable of reading 4K, all the better, but I want it to be able to also burn 4K isos after ripping from disc with AnyDVD HD without issue.
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  14. coopervid

    coopervid Moderator

    You need a LG-type drive for 4k ripping but a Pioneer for burning. I have a 209, kufo has a 211 as far as I know.
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  15. kufo

    kufo Well-Known Member

    Ah... Good point... I forgot to mention :whistle:
    I have an 206 and an 212. No problem with both.
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  16. whatever_gong82

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    Thanks, and I've bookmarked your suggestion.

    Likewise, I've saved your suggestion for future reference.

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  17. kufo

    kufo Well-Known Member

    I think Pioneer is generaly a good choice for burning, @coopervid. I never heard about issues with this.
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  18. njweb

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    Thanks a lot!

    @Michael Lockwood - What Blu Ray burner (brand and model) do you use to burn the discs?

    I have an LG BU40N (Archgon MD8107S-U3 UHD) which I bought for reading UHD discs, but it works great for burning with Philips 50GB discs, even at full speed (6X), although I am now using 4X to be safe.
    But I am not sure about long term longevity of the Philips discs so thinking about getting the Verbatim Japan above.

    In fact before posting today, I already ordered the other Verbatim 'hard coat' 50GB discs... (blue package).

    Are the other japan discs better than those?

    Which drive can I use to do quality scans of my BD-R discs with Nero CD Speed or Opti Drive Control?
    I am in the US. My drive is not supported.

    I assume these Pioneer drives (206 and 208 I mean) are no longer produced?
    I read somewhere on clubmyce forums that the 212 does not burn as well as the 206 or 208? They did scans with 212 fw 1.00 and it was not as good as 206 or 208 burns... :(

    The Pioneer 212 is still manufactured, so I would prefer to get that, but only if it is a good burner (ideally almost as good as the 206 or 208 for burning BD-R DL?
  19. coopervid

    coopervid Moderator

    In the DVD times I had only Pioneer drives but had to switch to LG to read 4k discs. However, burning quality with non-Pioneer drives was always quite bad (Liteon, NEC etc.). The LG BD drives are OK for single layer discs (BD25) but repeatedly create eroors at the layer break of BD-50 discs. No matter if you have the best quality discs to burn. Only the Pioneers can handle the layer break w/o issues but you also need to turn down writing speed. The BD-50 and larger specs are just not taking into account that most discs have quality issues at the outer edge. For DVDs you could decide when the drives stops at the first layer and switches to the second one to avoid issues at the outer edge. The BD spec doesn't have it. The burner has to burn to the maximum capacity of the first layer and is only then allowed to switch to the second layer. This is crazy because from the very beginning of multi-layer discs most had quality issues at the outer edge of any layer. Somebody just decided this w/o looking at the historic issues.
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  20. kufo

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    For UHD backup on BD 50 I always take the Japan Verbatim linked above from @Michael Lockwood. Burning only 2x for this purpose. I really did a lot of testing and reading in this. Together with my buddy @coopervid we got this settings as ideal.
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