Battlefield 2/2142 freezes

Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by matthew, Jun 30, 2007.

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    Still happening, tried recent beta.

    I am still experiencing the same problem with BF2 (had to wipe system). After I exit the game, Game Jackal will begin building the profile but then hang the system. I even tried my own methods and still no go. All the same hardware and software, ran the updated GJ, tried the beta, will not complete the profile process. I have to reset the system as it locks out all controls.

    Update: I kept screwing around with Game Jackal, trying to get BF2 working and finally, following my steps in a previous post, it worked. Finally. I then decided to try BF2: Special Forces and I'm having the same problem as I did with BF2. I tried my steps and instead of it just not working, it destroyed my BF2 profile too. Great. Back to square one.
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  2. matthew

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    What is the version number of the GJ file "MaplomProfiler.dll"?
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    MaplomProfiler.dll version

    Okay, to got it to work this time, I went through the process, putting the disc in, etc., playing for a hour or more and then as soon as I exited the game and seen the Game Jackal profiler come up, I cancelled it (displayed confirmation dialogue) and the profile works. Weird? Now to try it with BF2:SF... Program is still awesome.

    Update: I'm guessing no one else has had problems getting BF2:SF to work too? I just figured it out (in my situation) and figured I'd post what I did.

    In Game Jackal, I copied the original BF2 profile, gave it a new name and then simply added the correct parameters (this is why it destroyed it the first time, because it uses the same .exe). The parameters added: +modPath mods/xpack +ignoreAsserts 1
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  4. matthew

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    Try setting the registry value "Use MaplomH" to 0 (under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SlySoft\GameJackal) and then try again.

    Make sure you return it to 1 after testing.
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    GameJackal solved BF2142 freezing up for me

    This latest release (GameJackal seems to have fixed the freezing up of BF2142 & Windows that I was having since its initial release.

    I couldn't isolate any specific thing that was causing it to freeze after 5-30 min of playing time, so my initial assuption was that it was hardware related.
    I tried spot cooling, re-seating the components, different power supply, re-installing GJ & Bf2142, to no avail. I was just ready to wipe C:/ & re-install Windows, and do a bit of Voodoo Mojo as a last resort, but it has been flawless gameplay with this latest release. 8)

    It still may of been a hardware issue I was having, but I didn't want to bitch and moan until I could point to any specific problem, and didn't seem like the specific issue I was having was a problem for anyone else.

    I'd like to thank everyone at Slysoft for all the sweat and tears they have put in for us.
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    Good to hear ;)
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    Parameters are not being forwarded for BF 2142
    With GJ
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    I am having problems with battlefield 2 in GJ,I have not tried my battlefield 2142 yet . Right now it's just battlefield 2 keeps asking for disk. I have redone the profile image many times and it still keeps asking for the disk ....HELP!:bowdown:
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    Part problem solved

    Ok, I got my battlefield 2 to work now but am still having the problem with battlefield 2142 now that I tried it, I can get signed into it but when i try to go to multi play in game, it crashes, and the hole screen comes down and it has done this many times, but the way i got my battlefield 2 to work is that after I made the profile image I restarted my PC and tried it and it started right up and played with no problem......Just can't figure out the battlefield 2142, But if I get it running I will write agian here,if someone can help me with battlefield 2142 please advise me and Thank you in advance
  10. DeadeyeAlderman

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    Finely I got it .

    I finely figured out what my problem was with my battlefield 2142, I went into the main page of battlefield 2142 and there is a new update for the game, and when I downloaded it to patch my game,When the patch was finished, I tried it, and now the game plays fine on GJ, Not sure really if this will fix everyone but just letting you all know that I have mine working now but if I have problems later I am sure you all will be hearing from me again.........:clap: