Battlefield 2/2142 freezes

Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by matthew, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. matthew

    matthew SlySoft Team Member

    Hi all,

    We are trying to get to the bottom of this issue... can those users having/not having this problem please post here as we need to determine if this effects everyone, or just a small number of users.

    Please only reply to this post if you do/don't have the issue mention.
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  2. mad_fr34k

    mad_fr34k Well-Known Member

    I do not have this problem.

    It did take a very long time the first time that i used it after the last update. but i forgot to stop my antivirus, so prezumed it was that.

    AV = F-Secure
  3. BadIronTree

    BadIronTree Active Member

    the last months since the new patchs i could not run the game...

    the game load .. the temp BF2142 screen pop up and it stay there for ever...

    i cant get in the menus
    i have kaspersky 7 but even if i close it nothing happend...

    (DT pro works ok but with Full 4.5gb image only offtopic/)

    The bigest problem was that i cound terminate the game exe file... i press terminate now and nothing happen.. i had to restert the game to remove from memory!
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  4. matthew

    matthew SlySoft Team Member

    Make sure you have the latest version.

    Also so we can manage this, please only post in this forum if you have/don't have the freezing issue.
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    SHARKMEAT Active Member

    I have no problems at all playing BF2142 with GJ.........CHEERS

    INTEL Extrene 6800 2.93 GHZ
    Win XP SP2
    gamejakal version
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  6. Kurbster

    Kurbster Well-Known Member

    Freezes happen here in BF2142....didn't try BF2 yet

    People should start posting their Processor specs....something tells me this is a dual core issue

    anyways, mine is a Athlon64 X2 4400+
  7. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Please answer these questions when posting about issues:

    1. What version of Game Jackal are you running?
    2. What Operating system are you using? 64 bit? service pack?
    3. If you have virtual drives, disable them while profiling and playing profiles.
    4. Remove packet writing software from your system (including Directcd, Incd, DragtoDisc, Drive Letter Access, CyberLink InstantBurn, etc.)
    5. What protection does your game use? Don't know? Find out before posting about issues (and include that information)! Use Protection ID. It's a free program. Use ProtectionID and scan your HD directory where the game is installed (right click the icon on your toolbar, and select "scan files/folders"). Or just scan the main program .exe(s) that you find in the game directory on your hard drive. Provide the protection name and the version number.
    6. What is the name of the game you're trying to run?
    7. What is the version of the game?
    8. Is it cd or dvd version?
    9. What region or country is the original disc from?
    10. What cpu are you running?
    11. What optical drives (dvd-rom,cd-rom, burners) are you using to create profiles with? What firmware version is installed on your reader?
    12. What security software (firewall, antivirus) are you using? Please provide version numbers.
    13. Describe your problem, provide full error messages, and please state clearly what you were doing when you received those error messages.
    14. You should have two log files in your Game Jackal directory. The first is called. Proc Monitor.log, and the second is called Profiler.log. Copy and past the information into your next post. Here is one way to do it: [script]text of the log file[/script]
    15. Please do the tests here: visit

    Should the GameJackal developers provide a different list of questions that should be answered, I will delete this post. In the meantime, please provide this basic information when posting about issues. Thank you
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  8. lugia

    lugia New Member

    I have no problems running battlefield 2142 :)
    New Zealand version
    battlefield 2142 patch .06
    gamejakal version
  9. macbak

    macbak New Member

    Help program not start Battlefield 2

    Played BF2 for 6 hours in Game Jackal yesterday no problem.
    Today every time i click the BF2 profile it starts for about 10 secs then deactivates it's self..have tried restarting the computer and closing my firewall and anti virus but still game will not start...

    am running XP on P4 3.4ghz with 2 gigs memory and X1950 Pro Vid card.

    any ideas


  10. matthew

    matthew SlySoft Team Member

    We are aware of issues when running BF2/BF2142 on Vista (and we are looking into them). However, XP should be solid!

    On the freezing issue (again on Vista), so far I have determined this to be an issue with Vista (i.e. the same problem exists without GJ running). Mind you, the only freezing I have observed is an annoying stutter during game play and it seems to get better after a few minutes (only seems to effect multi-player).
  11. Rowdy-1LS

    Rowdy-1LS New Member

    Battlefield 2 freeze Issue

    I have the freeze issue when trying to start BF2. When I click join server the game freezes almost as soon as i get in, I see the first of the game, a tank or truck etc, and I hear sound in a loop. I have contacted the manufacturer of my PC (DELL, I have a Dell XPS 400 with Dual core/2 gigs of RAM/Nvidia 7300 LE card) They claim it's a software issue.

    I then contacted EA Tech support, and they say it's a Dell issue....... Both say the other has crappy tech support. With all this "pass the buck" going on, it's hard to figure out what the real problem is. (Both have stayed on the phone with me up to an hour at a time two different times.) I've already seen several forums with this problem being discussed with no resolution. I've read where some solved their problem by simply blowing out their fans, and some by lowering their graphic settings. I've tried both and neither helped me. I have also tried turning off everything running on my pc that I don't need, and have turned off my firewall and anti-virus.

    Any help with this problem would much appreciated. I will continue to research this problem also, and if I find any resolution I will post it.

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  12. pipingmad

    pipingmad Member

    BF 2 freezing

    I have just bought Gamejackal and trying to create the BF2 profile. I can play for about 2 seconds then it freezes for about 10, then comes back for about 1-2 seconds and freezes again. This just keeps going. Only happens on multiplayer, not single player.

    I have also been booted from a couple of servers for having modified program, and it told me to restore back to the current version.

    I tried a demo version of GJ about a year ago when it was the old company and there were no problems at all. The profile took only a few minutes to build and with no freezing.


    1. CPU- Athlon 64 processor 754 pin 3000+
    2. XP pro SP2.
    3. 1 gig ram
    4. Version v2.9.18.565 GJ
    5. BF2 up to date
    6. [!] Safedisc 4.50.000 detected !
    [!] protection level: Safedisc API
    [!] Possible CD/DVD-Key or Serial Check -> cdkey
    7. Doing it from a CD drive.

    Any help?
  13. pipingmad

    pipingmad Member

    Just worked out that my CPU has been 100% during the freezing. Don't know why, never had that problem playing BF2 without GJ.
  14. Kilgore87

    Kilgore87 Well-Known Member

    i do not have this problem.

    intel core 2 duo 6300 oc'd to 2.00ghz
    2 GB Corsair DDR2
    ATI 2600XT
    Asus P5B Motherboard
    Soundmax Onboard Sound
  15. Fazuul

    Fazuul Member

    Game Jackal v2.9.18.565
    Windows XP SP2
    Battlefield 2142 Patch 1.25
    Thai release

    I get a freeze with BF2142 if GJ is loaded, regardless of whether I'm using the profile or not. I've closed GJ and played the game numerous times without the issue cropping up. This only started with the 565 release of GJ.
  16. matthew

    matthew SlySoft Team Member

  17. Leon_Corona

    Leon_Corona Member

    Hello, i had never had this BF2 or BF2142 problem until recently. After updating GJ to the newest version ( i have began to experience freezing in my games.

    At first i figured was just my computer. I defragmented, did disk clean up, and even a scan disk. With no luck, i decided maybe i should just reinstall. Once again no luck.

    I then tested for "bad" ram. By removing and testing each chip, i found the game would still freeze up. Thus i remembered about GJ, and the new update.

    Also ran a test by disabling one of the cores from my cpu, no luck once again.

    It was odd, after the update it asked me for my game disk. I put it in, it ran choppy as it always does when i have the game disk inside while profiling. So i just restarted the game without the disk. Only the freezing did not go away.

    So i decided today that i will run some tests to confirm it was GJ after all. I ran 4 tests.
    1) Started up computer, did not activate GJ. I loaded the game with the disk to find it running as smooth as ever.
    2) Made a fresh profile with GJ to test maybe the new update needed a fresh profile, no luck.
    3) Ran a test similar to test one, however i left GJ open to determine if it would cause a problem. Results were the same with test one. Ran perfectly.
    4) Final test was merely to determine if the custom resolution i ran with BF2 was causing any sort of problem. As with tests one and three, the game ran fine.

    So i came to the conclusion , as many of you are aware that it is in fact GJ. I have recorded a video to further show the effects of the freezing and to see if this is similar to the described problem.

    As for my info:
    GJ version
    OS: XP pro SP2
    CPU: AMD FX-60 dual core
    GPU; ATI x1900
    RAM: 3 gig Kingston
    BF2 info: v1.41, DVD from USA

    I hope this problem can be resolved as i have never had any issues with GJ and i love the program. Any other info needed i will gladly provide. Here is the link to the video i recorded. -Leon
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  18. matthew

    matthew SlySoft Team Member

    Thanks for the video... One thing of notice is that the delay appear to occur every 5 seconds or so.

    After playing there will be a file called "Proc Monitor.log" in the GJ directory, can you please post the contents of this log file.

    Also, can you try a couple of things.

    1) Edit the profile and de-select "Auto stop", then try the profile again.

    2) Start the profile then alt-tab to the desktop and shutdown GJ then alt-tab back to the game and see if the freezing has stopped.
  19. Leon_Corona

    Leon_Corona Member

    Sure no problem, just trying to help to get this problem resolved.

    I was not sure how long you wished for me to play, so i played for roughly 3 minutes or so. Here is the info without doing your suggestions.
    Game Jackal log file - Proc Monitor
    Log date - 8/17/2007 8:49:57 PM
    Monitoring process ID 2816
    Process ID 2816 was not found, debouncing...
    Process ID 0 still was not found, searching for another process...
    Process ID 0 was still not found, leaving...
    Process method used, monitored BF2.exe
    Now for your suggestions. I will do three tests. The first two will consist of each suggestion separately, while the third will involve combinng the two.

    1) With "auto stop"
    It was very apparent this did nothing at all, almost seemed to make the problem even worse.
    Game Jackal log file - Proc Monitor
    Log date - 8/17/2007 9:00:18 PM
    Monitoring process ID 1524
    Process method used, monitored BF2.exe
    2) With alt-tab (without "auto stop")
    At first it did not seem to work, however after a few secs it cleared up and began to run normally.
    Game Jackal log file - Proc Monitor
    Log date - 8/17/2007 9:05:39 PM
    Monitoring process ID 372
    Process method used, monitored BF2.exe
    3) Both suggestions
    Similar results to test two.
    Game Jackal log file - Proc Monitor
    Log date - 8/17/2007 9:10:53 PM
    Monitoring process ID 4092
    Process method used, monitored BF2.exe
    Hope i have helped, let me know if you need any other info. -Leon
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  20. pipingmad

    pipingmad Member

    How did you manage to stay on a server for 1 hour without being kicked for not doing anything? I am going to try it by creating my own multiplayer and see if it will create the profile.