Bates Motel - CloneBD claims it is AACS protected

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by JamesG, Oct 6, 2017.

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    I am having trouble getting a Bates Motel BD ISO file imported into CloneBD. It claims the disc is still AACS copy protected. The ISO was created by me using the "Rip to Image" feature in RedFox (ver.

    I have tried to import directly as ISO, which results in this message: "The BDMV structure in the selected image file is still protected. CloneBD cannot be used to copy protected Blu-ray discs. If it is permitted to create backups in the country you live in, you may use AACS decryption tools available on the internet to unlock this content."

    I have also tried to mount the ISO using WinCDEmu. When I successfully get a drive letter, Redfox scans it and quickly says it is ready for use. Here is the data from Redfox:
    Summary for drive I: (AnyDVD HD, BDPHash.bin 17-07-03)
    BAZIS WINCDEMU 0001 F @ |[
    Drive (Hardware) Region: free
    Current profile: BD-R
    Media is a Blu-ray disc.

    Total size: 23081942 sectors (45081 MBytes)
    Video Blu-ray label: BATESMOTELS1D2_NA
    Media is not AACS protected.
    Bad sector protection not found.

    Then when I try to import the mounted ISO into CloneBD, the following message pops up: "The disc in this optical drive is still protected. CloneBD cannot be used to copy protected..." (Same as above error).

    Any thoughts on this? Seems there must be something I am doing wrong, but I do not know what.
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    Please post an AnyDVD logfile from the original disc & the iso.
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    log files.
    E - actual bluray disc
    I - bluray iso


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  4. James

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    Strange. What happens, if you try the original disc with CloneBD (AnyDVD running, of course)?
  5. JamesG

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    CloneBD says there are disc errors. There are 5 episodes. 3 copied OK, but 2 quit early from fatal errors.

    It is very odd since AnyDVD didn't pop up with any errors when I made the ISO. Usually, if one detects errors, so does the other.

  6. James

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    I believe your disc has read errors, but AnyDVD doesn't "see" them during iso creation.
    Can you please try to uninstall Afc.sys from you lower driver stack? It is very old and probably unneeded.
    Does AnyDVD now see the errors?