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Discussion in 'Requests and Suggestions' started by Roxy, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Roxy

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    I have quite a number of Blu-ray/DVD ISOs, created with AnyDVD.

    Unfortunately, they cannot be transmitted via DLNA, so I need to convert them to a format that can be sent via DLNA. But it would be a tremendous amount of work to convert them each separately.

    So I'd like to be able to create a batch job, providing conversion details for each of the ISOs as usual and then have CloneBD add them to a queue and convert them in a background task one after the other, until they are all converted.
  2. RichB

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    So is there a batch mode to convert ISO's to MKVs with no conversions?
    Even a command line mode would work.

    - Rich
  3. HT_Enthusiast

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    This would be a nice addition, especially when re-processing your personal collection in CloneBD for image/audio quality improvements. (y)
  4. dr dark

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  5. Jogi1073

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    Yes, this would be great. It could be done like with handbrake: Load an ISO image, create your conversion job and put it to a conversion queue. Then load the next ISO image and do the same. Finally start the conversion queue and let it do the conversion one after the other. This would safe alot of time for reconversion of a collection. I could set up 10 BD ISO files for conversion and then I can start the queue and let the PC do the job.
  6. Roxy

    Roxy Well-Known Member

    I envision the CloneBD conversion worker to run as a Windows service in the background. The CloneBD front-end executable would then just add jobs to a queue which the CloneBD Windows service then converted one after the other (or in parallel if that'd be advantageous) whenever Windows is running (and conversly gracefully suspended running conversions when Windows is shut down by the user).

    Similar to any other program that processes queues (like e.g. eMule, FTP-Voyager or the Microsoft Store app update page) the CloneBD front-end should have a panel or window displaying the queue as a list, providing buttons for pausing or removing items from the queue or for changing conversion parameters or destination folders for queued items waiting to be processed.