Batch episode download skips some subtitles

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by markmarz, Nov 24, 2021.

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    Running AnyStream Plus Enjoy the batch feature, thanks!

    Unfortunately when downloading a batch of episodes many of the subtitle files associated with the video are not downloaded. Using option to Store subtitles as SRT file.

    This is not a problem if I download the episodes one at a time. Oh, I should mention this is when downloading from BritBox via Amazon Prime. I have no other current providers to test.

  2. Richard Sava

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    Please post a log after recreating the issue.
    File>>Create log file and post it here.
    Helps the developers see what is happening (and i think this has been reported before but more data can help).

    Actually, which version are you on? This was fixed back in beta beta 2021-11-12
    - Fix: correctly determine write failures (disk full condition and similar)
    - Fix: occasional crashes when downloading from Amazon
    AnyStream Plus:
    - Fix: Season batch downloads missing subtitles in subsequent episodes
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    Version AnyStream Plus, as stated in the first sentence.

    I just ran another test. Downloaded all episodes for Season 16 of Classic Doctor Who. Since the prompt offered the option to download both US & GB titles, I accepted. All of the videos had at least 1 subtitle downloaded, some 2. I verified with spot checks that only 1 subtitle was available for those titles where only 1 subtitle was downloaded. Therefore this test didn't show the problem. So no log.
  4. Richard Sava

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    So. it works properly.
  5. markmarz

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    No, it worked properly today for the particular episodes I downloaded. It did not work properly yesterday as reported.

    Doesn't take a lot of thought to avoid the blanket conclusion that it works properly, period.
  6. Richard Sava

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    Doesn't take a lot to continue testing until you get it to fail. Then you would have a LOG to post.

    I have been using since it came out and have not had a single batch episode missing a subtitle across any of the services so your your issue must be a PBKAC error.

    Also doesn't take a whole lot to do this either - good luck, you're going to need it, especially in life.
    So long.
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    Are you being deliberately dense?

    My intention is to test until it fails and supply a log then. The reason I responded before then was in answer to your question about the version. Which you could have seen if you had any reading comprehension at all.

    Why don't you just ignore this and let people who know about software, debugging and the concept of intermittent failures handle this?
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    Okay you guys, enough is enough, if you cant be civil stop posting.
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