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  1. e143slime8

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    Have, for many years now, been using stand alone BD players that are sufficiently old enough to be able to play backed up BD movies using AnyDVD HD along with CloneBD for processing of these movies in order to evade Cinavia detection. Question is, with the newer updates for both of these programs and the proper decoding/processing settings chosen, do the resulting backups still need to be played on these older stand alone players?
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    If the discs have cinavia and your didn't use the removal method then yes, to avoid cinavia you still need to use older players. Removed it? Then even new players should still work, but as before, there's still that audio side effect?

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  3. thesac

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    FYI: I bought a couple of Nvidia Shield tv media players and they play any audio I throw at them. No worries about Cinavia. A little pricey but they do go on sale often.
  4. thetoad

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    libbluray is getting better support java menus (still not perfect, but plays most discs that I throw at it), so any device with kodi that supports java (i.e. not xbox, android....) will play the image made with anydvd (with whatever bugs libbluray still has, for non java menu discs, its pretty perfect across all platforms). In these cases, you can play it without any worry of cinavia or any subversion of the player program to disrupt the cinavia detection.

    so for example: a raspberry pi with java can be a bluray image player (though if want full bluray support, will have to get the license for the VC1 codec for the older blurays encoded with it)
  5. James

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    Sure. NO PLAYER which can't play ORIGINAL Blu-ray discs will detect Cinavia. Ever.
  6. James

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    Interesting. The Raspi wouldn't be my first choice (except for 3D?). But CoreElec / LibreElec / OSMC AmLogic Linux boxes would play full Java menus?
  7. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    XBOX, sure. But I wonder why not a standalone Java version could run with Kodi Android. My Shield would like that.
  8. thetoad

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    assuming java is installed in and the libbluray that's installed on it was compiled with BDJ support (and is able to find the jvm) it should work just as well as any other libbluray based player (i.e. I don't use them, but I play blurays with java menus (as I said, not perfect. but these days majority of times sufficient) on linux all the time) I'd note that a bunch of those distributions seem to refuse to ship java (which I'd also view as an incorrect decision on their part, but as you know I'm opinionated, and while on that subject, also annoyed that Plex (and Kodi I think as well) refuse to have a metadata format that allows them to enumerate the playlists one should care about for a BDMV/iso (or even DVD, but I understand its playlist format less, but bluray should be very transparent). I understand Plex's that they'll never support menus, but there's no reason they can't play the playlists directly that I enumerate in metadata)

    cause there is no supported java vm for android. the closest that exists is (which is j2me, which is fine as that's actually what bluray java has to target). If someone would actually get this to be good on android, its possible that libbluray could use it.

    For Xbox One someone actually tried to get it the jvm compiled for UWP (if it would work in a UWP context, then kodi could include it in their UWP package), but ran into problems they couldn't get past, I'm not a windows developer, so I wouldn't be much help. On linux I'd know how to debug it.
  9. thetoad

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    and as an example of libbluray working vs other devices: kodi doesn't have any problems playing my fox blurays that jump back to first title (as opposed to my dune), in general my dune is slightly better, but its bugs will never get fixed.