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    I have been using Clone DVD with the Taiyo Yuden blank dvd's. I bought a new external HP recorder "DVD 840e" is the model number. It is a USB 2.0 drive.

    I backed up three DVD's for my personal use and all went fine. I installed Office 2007 and for some reason I am unsuccessful in backing up any more DVD's.

    The dvd will copy fine but when it goes to write it never starts... After a few minutes I get a bad media error. It happened 5 times after that. All in a row.

    The only other thing that I did was while checking the properties of the drive I saw there was no region assigned to it. So I clicked the drop down menu and choose United States. After doing that the media always fails, thus failing to copy.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    What I would do for starters is: remove the drive in device manager, unplug it from the USB port, reboot the computer, plug the drive back up and let Windows detect and install it. See what shakes out.