Backup Nintendo Wii Video Games?

Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by nickster08, Dec 29, 2007.

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    I recently bought a Nintendo Wii and some new video games, and want to make backup copies of the new games I purchased. I was thinking that my AnyDVD and CloneDVD could handle this type of DVD and data, but unfortunately it does not. Does anyone know of a product that can handle decoding and copying game CDs or DVDs for Wii on your PC (mine is Win XP Pro). I'm new to the SlySoft Forum so please let me know if you think this message should be posted in a different place.


  2. pseudo555

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    if you want to make a 1:1 copy of a disc (cd or dvd), clonecd is the most relevant answer in slysoft's programs. But i don't know if it can do this job.
  3. Charlie

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    Plus thinking along the lines that will the Wii play a copied disc game?
  4. deaacs

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    You don't need to decode the Wii disc, but you do need to use specific hardware in order to read the disc - a special DVD drive, or dumping it to an SD card using a modchip. When copied the disc is unplayable without a modchip installed; if you recently bought your Wii then it most likely has the D2C chipset meaning it's unlikely you can install one yourself - and so you'd be looking at purchasing the following: 1. modchip, 2. chip installation, 3. SD card + adapter. Wii discs are read from the outside in, just like gamecube discs; which means that most DVD drives cannot read them at all; and those that can are worth $10-20 tops but are hard to find and are oversold.
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    Just for reference . . .

    You can use Clonecd (instead of Nero) using this method: click

    You will need a modchip and a specific drive/reader.
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    Drives that r/rw WII disks

    Does anyone know of any model numbers or even makers of the needed dvd r/rw drives that read and write outside in?
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    Just a few things:

    1. You bumped a very old thread.
    2. This topic has been covered LOTS of times, search the forums.
    3. In the link that Webslinger provided, it tells you the specific drive required
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    That's right. To backup an original GameCube/Wii game you need one of the following Drives:
    Maybe you can get one in e-bay or something like that, because I don't think you can buy a new one.

    After that you need a program like Rawdump to make an image of the disc.
    Then you can burn it with the software you most like.
    Use the best quality DVD media.

    PS: GC/Wii games aren't read from outside in, they are read at a "constant angular velocity" (a technology created by Matsushita - now Panasonic). That's why you can't read them on a "normal" DVD drive on your PC.
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    ^ Great info on those discs! I actually didn't know that one until now. Awesome.

  10. Moonie

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    You can't Play newer Games from a Backup DVD (new Protection) and newer WII's doesn't support Backup DVDR Media.
  11. toxic9

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    NSMB is the only game until now that requires a compatible modchip, because the game asks for BCA code in the disc and this data can't be written to recordable media in the right place. There is some workarounds for this protection but it always requires a compatible modchip, and, depending on the modchip you have, you will need or not to patch the game iso with this BCA code.

    Just as Moonie said, newer Wii's can't read recordable media at all. I believe that's just a matter of optical drive firmware. Maybe in the near future there is a solution. By now, owners of new Wii's with the new D3-2 chipset revision can swap their drives with an old drive with D2C chipset for example, and use a modchip of their choice.

    By the way, D3-2 owners can always use a modchip that loads iso's from an external device, like flatmii 125 modchip, that uses your PC 2.0 USB socket to load games.
    This way, Wii DVD drive is no longer needed to run games.