Backing Up DVD-9 to DVD-5

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by The Fly, Nov 1, 2007.

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    Hi there
    When i backup a DVD-9 movie to DVD-5 (Movie only with CloneDVD)
    Normally the layer break pause is deleted now it doesn't.
    I've watched the original movie (DVD-9) and it's on the same spot (but that's normal when he goes from layer1 to layer2 you seen a slight pause)
    But now you see that pause also on my DVD-5 backup , the movie and counter of my standalone player stops for a second and plays then further
    Normally in the log of clonedvd it says layer break succesfully deleted but now it doesn't.
    I can't think it has something to do with clonedvd cause i'm using al a long time now. So it must by anydvd
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    Removing Layer Break

    Okay i installed AnyDVD same issue
    Ripped movie only to Harddisk with clonedvd
    Burned the files to a DVD-5 and the layer break pause is still there :eek:
    Where the layer break is on the original movie my DVD-5 backup stops for a second and plays then further without a problem.
    So it seems it can't delete the layer break.

    So i installed DVDFab Platinum now ( beta)
    Did exactly the same thing
    Ripped movie only to harddisk and burned the files to a DVD-5 disk
    Layer break has been deleted now and the movie doesn't stop at the layer break position.

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    i said a similar thing regarding spiderman 3 back up i did:

    but i thought it was clonedvd2 that removes the layer break,not anydvd.
    either way it's annoying.
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