Backing Up Descent Blu Ray to 25gb

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  1. mick2006

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    I am trying to back up The Descent to a 25gb BD-re by taking out the extras (in other words using the methods mentioned here before-making a BDMV folder and adding in the decrypted "stream" folder. I have made many of these backups before. Anyone make a successful backup disc of the descent using this method, and if so did you run into any troubles, do anything different ect.?
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    A little off topic, it sounds like you're playing your rips on a PS3.

    IMHO, instead I recommend that you use a PowerDVD capable HTPC, with lots of hard drive capacity of course, to play it on your HDTV if you have one.

    It's still easier to do it that way than to go to the trouble of making a disc that will play on a standalone player.

    Network your HTPC and you can play it on any PowerDVD capable PC in your house.

    If you need a backup, use FileSplitter and DVD DL discs.
  3. mick2006

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    I wish I could, but my PC doesn't have the CPU (I have an AMD 64 FX 5) for many of the HD discs-really only MPEG2 transfers. I have to back up my MPEG4 and VC-1 discs to blank BD-R/RE.
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    Same problem here.

    Last year I bought brand new Sony VAIO AR18 laptop with Core Duo T2600 'Yonah' CPU, 1GB of RAM and NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600GT graphics. It played 1st generation of Blu-ray discs (like '5th Element', 'House of flying daggers') very well.

    But with recent releases like 'Casino Royale' or both 'Pirates', which use AVC codec and extreme bitrates... Neither PowerDVD nor WinDVD play them smoothly. CPU usage is about 90%. And because of that BD-J, they eat half of a gigabyte of memory as well, so I even upgraded RAM to 2GB.

    Will probably buy AR48 later this year. Core 2 Duo and NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT should do the job.
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  5. mick2006

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    Is there anyone out there who has backed this disc up successfully to a 25gb disc? I just can't figure out what file I am leaving out that is neccessary. My only guess is that because there is some kind of "loader" thing at the beginning of the movie something goes wrong. I was able to successfully do a direct copy to a 50gb bd/re using Nero, but I won't be able to keep the movie on that disc however. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.