Back-up With 2 Drives??

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by kd5yov, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. kd5yov

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    Is there a way to do back-ups with 2 drives, one being a dvd-rom and the other being the burner? I am wanting to save time. Also can I do something called copy on the fly?

    (Request for a Clone DVD option)

    "DVD - SPLIT" Get a long DVD that will only give a 50% or less on the quality. Would like to see a auto split so that I can bring up the quality to 100% on 2 dvd's, insted of one @ 50% or less..
  2. Webslinger

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    Yes. Select your dvd-rom as the source--and select your dvd-writer as the burner. click and follow the steps in the order they are listed

    Yes. You can use the "write existing data option". However, unless you know what you're doing that's not recommended.

    If you use "Write existing data", both the source and destination disc sizes must be the same (most original discs do not fit on single layer blanks), and you cannot remove unwanted material.

    Use the scissor icon in Clonedvd to split a movie over two single layer blanks.
  3. rmbrewer

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    Thats the way I do it. Put the source in my reader and a blank in my recorder. Saves time swapping them back and forth.
  4. kd5yov

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    I want something that would be automatic, and would split these automaticly. Insted of having to cut, paste stuff....
  5. sockeye

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    You won't be cutting and will be given the oppurtunity to split the movie to the second disk at the chapter of your choice. (preferably at at point, where you end up with 2 disks, with approximatly the same amount of data on them)