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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by ptolomeus3, Dec 29, 2014.

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    I wish to back-up some of my BD on a BD-R (25GB). I set-up the settings into ClodeBD accordingly and copied the main movie only.
    I tried out CloneBD with 3 different Blu-Rays and I´m getting smaller back-ups as needed:
    The Physician => 44,7 GB => CloneBD says 23,25 GB will be made => a back-up of 17,0 GB was made.
    Sabotage => 40,7 GB => CloneBD says 23,25 GB will be made => a back-up of 18,1 GB was made.
    The Wolf of Wall Street => 44,6 GB => CloneBD says 23,25 will be made => a back-up of 19,2 GB was made.
    Why is CloneBD not making the back-up with the 23,25 GB? It is throwing away time, energy and quality that way.
    Does this have a correlation with the "movie only", I haven´t tried it yet with 1 to 1 back-up.
    Thank you.
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    I made the same experience concerning the compressed files being smaller than announced. As you can see from your files, the compressed movie is about 4 to 5 gb smaller than expected. So I worked around the problem by "making" the outcoming filesize 4,5 gb larger; if the prog announces f.e. a 23gb outcoming file, I set the size to 27,5 gb. 5gb makes the outcome file just a little too big for burning it on a 25 gb bd. You can do this by choosing individual filesize from the drop down menu above the colored line depicting the filesize and the sliding the marker to the wished size. This first version of CloneBD seems to be full of bugs. Enlarging the filesize worked for me after 2 fruitless efforts, where the filesize was bigger, but therefore the film had no audio:bang:. But the third time it miraculosly worked. I am really dissapointed by SlySoft messing up this long awaited prog so badly, especially since it isn't really cheap. Definitely it's not yet worth the price, not even considering all the bd-discs wasted by burning the messed up files. :mad: