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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ant Rhonda, Feb 8, 2018.

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    Just so you know and FWIW: so far as I can tell, AVG's blocking of the CloneCD download on the claim that it contains a virus is completely not so. A scan with AVG itself and a scan with Malwarebytes show no threats. (I wen't into settings/ Web

    Nothing from Redfox or Slyfox has EVER given my any problems -- including any associated with malware. For anyone who's had the problem, I went into AVG's menu/settings/Web/customize and unchecked (temporarily) a bunch of stuff that looked relevant and downloaded the latest version of CloneCD. Then, just in case there was some use for the stuff, I went back and checked the boxes again :)

    (Malwarebytes works for me better than AVG (which has tried to block Malwarbytes several times ) -- Malwarebytes was able to stop web page hijacking when nothing else could and seems to keep up with virus definitions etc. at least as well as AVG. AND it doesn't constantly try to fool you into clicking on something that will commit you to buying some useless add-on.)
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    Not a CloneCD problem, moved. As usual false positive. All installers are digitally signed. Take control of your av and tell it to behave and hey back to blocking actual threats

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