Avengers Endgame stops immediately with error ....

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by TomTiddler, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. TomTiddler

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    I have an Intel Hades Canyon NUC, so there's an AMD Vega in there. I have Hardware acceleration selected (AMD) for both encode and decode. Fails immediately when attempting to generate a "Partial Copy", whether I select MPEG-2 or MKV output. Also tried reverting to, same result. CBDlog attached.

    Should have added - seems to work with software selcted, but it's indicating 8 fps, so looking at 10+ hrs!!

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  2. TomTiddler

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    For the record, on a slower machine but using Quicksync, it's working fine at 260 FPS.
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    AMD has changed their interface for hardware de- / encoding. CloneBD is still working on the implementation. It's announced for the next beta. So- please use NVIDIA / Intel Quicksync in the meantime until then if you have the possibility.
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    Thanx - as I suspected :)

    The layout of my machines means accessing Quicksync is not quite as straightforward, but it's definitely no more than a "first-world" annoyance, I'll wait for the guys to fix it.