Automating CloneDVD to use the sony VGP-XL1B2 DVD Firewire changer

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by iansilv, Feb 11, 2007.

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    Thoughts anyone-
    OK, I have discovered that if I copy the entire dvd to my hard disk through mymoives while using snydvd, there isno way to skip the menu and just play the disk with the click of a button- unless someone can tell me how.

    So now I am demoing clonedvd2, and I love it so far. My thought is this- can it, could it, be setup with some sort of a script to support the sony carousel fire wire changer to just rip dvds and automatically copy them one by one to your hard drive, just automatically naming them by the dvd's default directory name, taking out the menus, copying according to default settings the user prescribes, to just burn through 200 disks and get them all on your hard drive?
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    Well, the currently released windows development build of mtx (1.3.0) now supports the Sony XL1B/XL1B2 and powerfile changers. So, you can build a batch file to process CDs or DVDs using long as you can also call a ripper from the batch file.

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    Any idea how to do that? I don't know how to create a batch file... is there any place you could point me for help? :)
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    Automate CloneDVD2

    I put together an Autohotkey script which reads DVD profiler export.xml searches this using the discid and creates a folder with the name of movie and copies movie into the folder.
    Autohotkey controlls CloneDVD2 the changer is contolled by a batch file written for take command (jpsoft) this uses mediachanger.exe to load unload discs.
    Requires that anytool.exe is installed to disable AnyDVD so that dvdid.exe can run to read the discid

    The complete process is automated and runs well