'Automatic' subtitles in "Godfather - Coppola Restoration" missing on backup

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  1. Neil Wilkes

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    I have tried to archive all the main 3 films from my box set, but every copy is flawed because the automatic subtitles that appear whenever a character speaks sicilian are not there, yet they are there when I play the original discs.
    Settings on playback are no subtitles, yet still this works automatically but when I ripped the film they are simply not there - what did I miss?
    I used the MKV with original lossless audio option - basically a rewrap of the film without transcoding, with subtitles off as on the playback of the disc.
    How ccan I get these automatic subtitles to show up in any rip please, as this is really 'bugging' me now
  2. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    AnyDVD doesn't create MKVs, so what tool were you using and can you provide a log file?
  3. DigitalJunkie

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    I believe the Automatic subtitles, he is talking about. Are so called [Forced] subtitles not regular subtitles from the original disk(s). Whatever tool he is using to make MKVs, he need to pay attention to that!
  4. Soft and Sly

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    Is this Coppola Restoration pressing of the box set the original 2001 pressing of five discs distributed by Paramount? If so, I have the Checkpoint pressing of that box set, and all subtitles from the discs appear in the remultiplexed MKV files which are simply wrappers for the decrypted content from the discs. I used MakeMKV to remultiplex from decrypted back-ups made by AnyDVD HD. There is nothing to configure with regards to the content itself; everything will be copied from video object containers to Matroska containers including all subtitles forced or otherwise. Personally, I suggest to make fully decrypted back-ups via the Rip To Folder feature of AnyDVD HD because it will be exponentially more time efficient to use MakeMKV afterwards rather than use MakeMKV on spinning discs whilst AnyDVD HD is active. AnyDVD HD is not the culprit with regards to time inefficiency; that is attributable to the mechanics of a spinning disc and flow of 1s and 0s.
  5. Pete

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    ...or he can simply do the same thing with CloneBD. But that's besides the point.
    It seems the OP isn't coming back for an answer anyway.

    In general: CloneBD will make extra "forced subtitle tracks", if told so, but only if they exist on the disc. Otherwise they are sometimes just extra regular subtitle tracks.

    Regarding copying to HDD first and then using CloneBD, which is what we recommend ;) - Doing it right off the disc is, of course, generally faster, unless you want to process the disc multiple times, somehow. Otherwise you're adding an extra step.
  6. Soft and Sly

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    Apologies for being slightly off topic, but neither CloneDVD nor CloneBD were ever accessible with the JAWS screen reader. Never was it possible to use either of them; I tried multiple times.

    Back on topic, based on my experience, it is much faster to remultiplex both DVDs and Blu-ray discs from a back-up than the discs in a very fast firmware-modified 16× unrestricted speed LG drive. This is especially true when the Blu-ray disc image or DVD files are on a SSD.
  7. Pete

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    Sure - but only if you don't take the time for first creating the backup into account.

    I was curious, so I just tested it on a Blu-ray disc (external standard LG drive, original firmware):

    Create an ISO backup to disc (SSD, remove protection): 15:04
    Main movie only copy from that backup (no compression, just remux to MKV): 4:17
    Total: 19:21

    Main movie only copy, same settings, but right from the disc: 14:25

    I used CloneBD, of course.

    I don't know if MakeMKV would make a difference - if it doesn't use a proper read-ahead buffer, maybe it causes the disc to do too many idle spins while processing.
    But clearly I'd waste an extra 5 minutes by making a backup first (not mentioning the time it takes me to do the extra steps).

    Regarding the JAWS reader: I don't know what that thing requires to work, I can pass that on to Elby.
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  8. Soft and Sly

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    Right, that takes approximately twenty to twenty-five minutes for standard DVD discs. However, I do not always archive them that way and remultiplex them with MakeMKV on the same day or at the same time.
    I know it has a configurable buffer setting but know not whether or not it is pertinent to a read ahead buffer. I believe the disc spins slowly.
    No less than ten years ago, I wrote to Elby and never received a response; it would be nice to work with them directly to make both fully accessible and usable. The JAWS screen reader has come a long way since then, but programmes must utilise facilities provided by APIs in Windows to leverage the communication with it and JAWS for JAWS to verbally communicate to the user. It is a tangent not meant for this topic, but suffice to say screen readers hook deeply in any operating system but require programmers to use what is available to them. I know nothing about Windows development; I am a Unix cat. AnyDVD HD is usable howbeit with some serious work-arounds and remains the same today as was always – although the installer did become slightly more accessible way back.
  9. coopervid

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    I know that this is a touchy subject. Please elaborate how software here can be improved for people that are impaired concerning vision. I have a hard time to understand this. We are talking DolbyVision and HDR. Is that anything people with compomised vision can appreciate?
  10. Soft and Sly

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    This is quite off topic, and my elaboration about that will go quite deep in that tangent. Perhaps this can be relocated. I want not be advised to stay on topic is all.

    Dolby Vision and HDR have no association with making software accessible for we whom rely on keyboards exclusively. My answer to your question is likely more apropos for another section of the forums, and a question upon which I am glad to expatiate.
  11. coopervid

    coopervid Moderator DE

    I guess this topic should have a seperate thread. Please start one if you think you want to address it.
  12. Soft and Sly

    Soft and Sly Active Member

    I will sooner than later because AnyDVD HD would benefit greatly from more keyboard accessibility. It would be such a monumental improvement for it after all of these years.