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  1. I have AnyDVD setup perfectly now using AuotIt so a disc can be inserted then within a few moments, spits the disc back out and has the VIDEO_TS folder created w/o any copyright protection.

    Can anyone assist on how I can get it to do the same but rip to ISO instead? By default there is no option to rip to ISO without having to right-click the icon in the notification tray and select Rip to Image.

    Want to make this a seamless process that requires no user interaction for this process. As mentioned I have it working well but just want it tweaked to rip to ISO instead of VIDEO_TS

    Thanks in advance :)
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    Having a human hand making contact with the disc sort of ruins the "no user interaction" doesn't it?
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    Not an anydvd issue. Moved to general chat. On top of that, you shouldn't be using the ISO ripper on DVD's at all. Anydvd throws a warning if u do for a reason.
  4. Obviously that would be the only human interaction. Not here to have my wording mocked I'm here to find a solution to my original request
  5. Thanks for moving it as I was not sure where to open this thread.
    I am looking to do that exact thing. Not looking for anyone's idea(s) of "best practices" and just wondering if anyone has a solution to my original post.
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    It's not an idea mate, it's a fact and stated by redfox staff/developers lots of times. Hence the warning. Ripping to ISO keeps for example structural protection INTACT in the iso (if the original has it), without removing that one while removing other protections can cause playback behavior problems.
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  7. James

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    You can do the rip with a third party tool like imgburn (don't know, if it has a command line interface) after the disc inserted event is broadcasted. Or you can misuse AnyDVD's great (but undocumented) auto playback interface. I'll have to look it up.
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    IMGBurn DOES have a CLI but it only automates the gui actions mostly.

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    Whow! ErichV - you remebered or you used the search function? I'm using AnyDVD since 2007 but had just a faint memory of this. Like James.
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    "Watch thread" is a great feature. ;)
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    AutoIt can easily "right-click" the systray icon and do this for you. If you search the forum, there is an AutoIt script I wrote that does almost exactly this.

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    Oops! Where can I find this feature?
  14. James

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    Relax, James! I don't know either.
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    Right, so look at the start of the script where it opens the rip windows. It does so via the systray.

    Also, I think there is a new version on the forum, somewhere. I remember writing a longer post, explaining the sections of the script.
  18. Good stuff DrX!

    I was hoping to find a script that could follow this timeline I set below. Not sure if this is the right path or not but any assistance from you would be great!

    Disc Insert
    AnyDVD already running in the systray and reads disc for copy protection so no change required here

    Delay for 60 seconds (allowing time for AnyDVD to read the disc)
    Open system tray
    Right-click AnyDVD system tray icon
    Select "Rip to Image..."
    Source Directory can be left default
    Destination Filename
    *Need to be able to adjust Destination in script but leaving Disc Title as is

    Click "Copy Disc"
    **If warning window appears to continue anyway
    Click "Yes"

    **If file name exists
    Click "No"

    Once Complete...
    Close AnyDVD Ripper window
    Eject disc
    Once completed, auto eject disc
  19. DrXenos

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    All that is very doable with a tool like AutoIt. One thing I would suggest is avoid the "delay 60". I refer to such delays as artificial because they aren't tied to any real-world event. It leads to fragile code.

    Instead, trigger on something that occurs when the desired event does. In this case, I would watch for a change in the ripping window.

    Here is a post I made with more detail about how my script works that the one referenced above.

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  20. Good point thanks!

    Anyone you know willing to write such? I am trying to make this as headless as possible for ease of use.