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Audio Track Problem (empty Track #1)


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Jan 28, 2007
I am using CloneDVD2 to copy my videos to harddisk. These videos are served by a Twonkyvision V4.1 service to a D-Link DSM-520 Client.

Unfortunately, this client is unable to select specific audio strems. It always will play stream #1.

To avoid audio mismatch, I drop all undesired streams during CloneDVD process. But sometimes (and only on serveral *.VOB's) stream #1 is empty and stream #2 is used. So playback starts fine, but suddenly (when starting to play the 2nd or 3rd VOB) audio is gone :-(

You can reproduce this problem easily clicking on VOB's with PowerDVD. Even if only one language and type of audio has been selected in CloneDVD, PowerDVD provides to choose between several tracks (with a greyed out priority track #1).

Any ideas, help or development available?

Thanks in advance - Juergen