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    I've ripped several Criterion Blu-Ray movies to disk using CloneBD then use CloneDVD Mobil to convert to Apple TV. This works ok unless I pause the film. If I pause the film and then restart it the audio is out of sync. Playing the film using VLC from the disk image works ok regardless the number of times I pause the film. But, when I play the film from disk (itunes media) to apple tv and pause the film the audio gets out of sync. Suggestions? Is it some setting? I pick Apple TV and let CloneDVD Mobil handle everything else.
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    Since anydvd doesn't convert, this thread is in the wrong section. You say you rip with clonebd then use clonedvd to turn in into apple tv. That's impossible, clonedvd cannot work with a bluray source.

    You need to specify what you're doing correctly, your post makes no sense, it's full of contradictions.

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    Yes, well sorry for the confusion. I'll try to find the right forum.
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    I regularly get video playback out of sync on file playback on various TV's and TV boxes. Never really found an answer as it's not limited to files made in CloneDVD mobile. Same thing happens with files made out of Handbrake, CloneBD and BDRebuilder. Only way I've got round it is to stop the film then restart it, and if your player is anywhere half decent it should ask if you want to restart from the point you stopped