Audio Sync Problem W/ Media Player MG-25

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by Bonofied Suiter, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. I recently purchased a Media Gate MG-25 multimedia hard drive enclosure. If I can get it working properly it will allow me to store and play over 150 movies from my DVD collection directly from this very small pocket sized unit to any TV. I intend it to be used when I go out of town on vacation and also on the TV in my RV. The unit uses a tiny hard drive used in a laptop computer to store movies, music and photos and is controlled by an IR remote control. Lately I've been using the Clone DVD Mobile software to convert the movies to MP4. Now movies played from the MG-25 are smooth and display beautyfully but its soon apparent that the video and audio are not lining up. The audio gets further and further out of sync the longer the movies are played. The same MP4 files played on my Ipod Video or on my laptop computer are perfectly in sync. Because I wanted to also play these MP4 movies on my Ipod I used the Ipod 5th Generation MP4 settings in the cloning program.

    If anyone out there can help I would really appreciate it. If they know of a better setting to use to rip the movies with I will try it. I'm hoping the folks that support the player will come up with a firmware update to fix the problem because I have now ripped quite a few movies with the Slysoft software.

    It appears that the Clone DVD Mobile software did a good job of converting the movies as they seem to play fine on everything but on this portable unit.

    If I can get the problem fixed this unit will be the coolest thing since the microwave or the TIVO.

    Any help will be appreciated.