Audio Sync issues Nice Guys with Generic MP4/AVC

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by RONMAN101, Jan 6, 2017.

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    Hey Guys. thanks for still being in business. I'm having some sync problems with Nice Guys, using the Generic MP4 for 720P output. The movie plays great, but the audio looses it sync around 1/2 way (1 hr) through the movie. The video pops and the audio goes out of sync. Since I did not save any of the prior slysloft versions (Last was Frank's Beta that sents emails to slysoft), I was hoping to download them from within the forum sync section to see if those versions would resolve the issue, but all of the links point back to "dead" SlySoft site. Do you have any of those versions stored so I can download and test this out for you guys, or do I need to provide some information for you on the current version?
    My process for conversion has always been the same (last 4 years). I use CloneDVD to write the Audio/Video folders to my harddrive, then use CloneDVDMobile to Rip it to MP4 (Rip Video disk takes too long). I also tried Nice Guys from the DVD, and it came back the exact same way. Also tried this with the Samsung Galaxy option, same issue.
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    What you don't mention and might be helpful is what version(s) you are using/have. Maybe we can get @Ivan to put a working link in the Regression/Audio Sync problem sticky.
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    Sorry about that (Dummy me), I'm completely up-to-date on downloads. Using the latest version of CloneDVDMobile and the of AnyDVD. Prior to that, I was using the sly I believe. This is the first one that I have had issues with since the prior fix.
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    That's not right.
    CloneDVD mobile is for DVD's (SD/Standard Definition). 720p would make that HD/High Definition.
    By default, CloneDVD mobile doesn't do "720p" for Generic MP4/AVC.
    As you can see below, the highest for SD is 540(p).

    [* Generic MP4/AVC]
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    Sure looks like 720 by 480! That equates to 1 megapixel, exactly what a DVD standard is!
    Of course, that answer does not help out with my audio sync issue.
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    That's because it's called 480p (us DVD). The pal equivalent is 576p

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    Im having the same issue with The Nice Guys. Any resolution?
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    Downloaded and installed and ran Nice Guys against this. Got this error message a few minutes into it. Let me know if this helps out in any way.

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