audio delay with bluray back up

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    I've been trying to back up my copy of 'Enchanted' into a media player. Found that the main movie was broken up into about 22 pieces of varying size. I used TSMuxer to separate the audio and video for each piece then remuxed each video piece with the ac3 audio. I then joined them in the correct sequence using TSMuxer by appending them. All seemed fine but towards the end of the movie the audio has drifted behind the video by about 40ms at a guess and obviously noticeable. I examined each piece separately after remuxing and there isn't any delay at all. It happens only after joining them end to end. I think that what is happening is that at the join, if one piece has a little portion of silence the audio is squeezing back to cut out the silent bit. That might be utter crap though 8). Would like to know is there any way of anchoring the audio of each piece to it's respective video so that when they are joined, there isn't what I call 'Creeping audio delay'
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    Use eac3to for seamless branching movies it works well.
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    not sure that I follow doombot, do you think you could elaborate? I have over 20 pieces of m2ts (h.264 and ac3) to join.
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    See my movie only guide in my sig for details.