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    I just noticed that all My DVD conversion are coming out with only 2 Channel Audio on them. To late to want to redo them)

    I see even some free converter programs convert the audio to surround sound if that option is chosen. I see no such option in CloneDVD mobile. Am I missing something ??

    I notice all conversions that I make using CloneDVD Mobil to Generic .MP4 files, or even to Generic Divx .AVI at 720X480 NTSC, that all audio is converted to only two audio channels. Is there a way to transcode the DVD videos and retain the surround sound channels. 5.1 / 6 /7.1 etc. using CloneDVD Mobile ?

    Is this the best Clone DVD Mobil can do ? I actually am converting the DVDs files to play though my smart TV and A/V amp. and not on a Mobil player. I see there are other programs that I can use , some free, that retain the surround sound channels, but I do like Clone DVD Mobil. I just assumed it would be fully functional for my purpose. Now all I see is 2 channel conversions of the audio with no option to change that in C DVD Mobil. I am now very Disappointed now that it is not. Any chance for a future upgrade in the Audio area ?

    TNX. Perry

    To bad I could not use CLONEBD to read a DVD and do the conversion, since CloneBD will convert BluRays to full channel audio. Maybe this is an enhancement that could be made in CloneBD or even added to CloveDVD2 itself ?? Just some thoughts. Since its a new world with streaming from your own network etc.